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If You Do Not Know
What is a Blog;
then this Page is For You.

Before I explain you what is a blog, I must explain you what is a blooger. The word blogger is not part of the dictionary, but define a person running a blog. Potential bloggers are everywhere. You only need to write about what you like. You should be thinking! Why people would read what I am writing about? Even the weirdest writing have hundreds if not thousands interested readers; it is unbelievable but true.

Blog is the tool that bloggers use to express their opinions. When running a blog no matter from where you came from, what color you are, it does not matter what political, religion or sexual inclination you have. Nothing matter, but you must have a simple pure interest. It could be about anything you like dogs, cats, nails, travel or anything that your imagination produces. What is a blog? A blog is the tool use by bloggers to proclaim their independence of opinion to the entire world.

There still countries where have a blog and express you opinion is a crime. It happened in countries where you cannot express your self with freedom. You should be thinking! How one person writing can affect to so many people? It is simple; first you need to find a common ground from where to start and then create controversy, after the human behavior takes control. Remember we are the most social animal of the planet. Do you understand What is a Blog now?

Sounds exiting right! Would you like to setup a Blog? If yes, first you will need to have one simple interest. Choose one single subject for your blog, one is enough. Because ones you get into it, you will write and write more and each time you will improve your writing. Ones you start enjoying writing you will not stop. Second, you need a free Blog software provider, today you can find many of them and here is a list with my suggestions.

The best free blogging platform in the market. It belongs to Google so most of your pages get more quickly indexed to search engines.

Simple and useful.

A good and powerful choice.

They call themselves, the state of art blogging service.

Well now you know 'What is a Blog'. So now I want you to answer me the next question, do you have a blogger inside you? I think, maybe who knows. Give it a shot, you may find out what it feels when people enjoy your writing; you may like it.
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