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Travel to Peru - Unknown destinations

The Travel to Peru - Unknown destinations program, it is design for people that visit Peru for second time. You will visit the capital of Peru (Lima); the most recently discover old pre Inca cities (Cajamarca), the giant fortress of Kuelap (Chachapoyas). You will visit the tomb of the Lord of Sipan (Chiclayo), the oldest and biggest pyramid of Peru, the largest and oldest city of mud bricks of South America. And you will visit the tourist old fisher port of Huanchaco (Trujillo).

Tour Description

Day 1: Arrival to Lima, transfer to your hotel, free time for you to lunch. At 2pm we will pick you up from your hotel for a half day Lima city tour excursion.
  • 1
    • pyramids of caral
      Archaeologists believe that underground the 5000 years old pyramids of Caral there still more to be discover.
  • 2
    • chan chan peru
      The mud city of Chan Chan in Peru was home for 30,000 people from the Chimu culture.
  • 3
    • huanchaco
      The Caballitos de Totora (Reed kayak) is still in use by the local fishermen in the Huanchaco beach.

Day 2: Early morning, transfer to the 5000 years old city of Caral, found at 182 km north from Lima. It is identify as the oldest city in South America. It is remarkable how the Caral culture could develop such advance culture in complete isolation from the world. Investigators from around the world have travel to Peru to join the Peruvian archaeologist to try to solve this mystery. In the afternoon we departure by bus to the city of Trujillo. Arrival at night and transfer to the hotel.

Day 3: Early morning and transfer to Chan Chan city. We are sure that when you were thinking to travel to Peru, you never imagine that you could witness the best preserve city made of mud bricks of the world. The city of Chan Chan was build by the Chimu culture (850 AD to 1470 AD). In 1470 AD it was conquer by the Incas, its population was 30000 people. We will stop for lunch and in the afternoon we will go to visit the old port of Huanchaco. The beach of Huanchaco has become a great tourist destination, because the traditional fishing style of its people.

Day 4: Early morning, transfer to the Temple of the sun and the moon. Travel to Peru and miss a 70 million mud bricks pyramid is unforgivable. The temple was use for religious ceremonies and stars observatory. The Mochica culture build the temple, they develop few centuries before the Incas arrival. It is an interesting site, because excavating the area still a work in progress. So maybe we will be lucky and see something recently found inside the temple.

At 4pm, transfer by bus to the city of Chiclayo. This city is place on the northern coast of Peru. Chiclayo poses a huge fishing industry and it is the place where a lord as important as Tutankhamen, was discover. If you Travel to Peru and go to the north of the country, visit Chiclayo it's a must to do. Arrival to Chiclayo, transfer to the hotel.

Day 5: Early morning, transfer to the archaeological site of Huaca Rajada. It is find at 33 km southwest of Chiclayo city, close to the town of Pomalca. The museum was build next to the original archaeological site. The lord of Sipan was a king of the pre Inca Moche culture (from 200 BC to 700 AD). The complexity of the burial site, the gold buried and it was find intact. Transform The Lord of Sipan into the most important archaeological discover of the Peruvian history, after Machu Picchu. At night we will take a night bus in direction to the city of Chachapoyas.

Day 6: Arrival to Chachapoyas in the morning, transfer to the hotel. At 9am transfer to the old and giant pre Inca fortress of Kuelap. This fortress was discover 60 years before Machu Picchu, but because it has a difficult access, has made it a rare archaeological site. Recently, archaeologists who have travel to Peru as tourist, accidental have found tombs in the surrounding area of the fortress. The event calls the attention of the archaeologist community, scientist magazines and even Hollywood.

Day 7: Early morning we leave from Chachapoyas in direction to Cajamarca. Halfway we will stop in the museum of the center Mallqui. There you will see 219 mummies. They find them in the lake of the Condors in 1998, year when they move them to the museum. The rescue of the 219 mummies was follow by discovery channel, who travel to Peru specifically to create a documentary about it. It calls the Last Warriors of the Clouds.

The bus trip from Chachapoyas to Cajamarca will take you from 2250 meters over the sea level, down until 900 meters. Where we will find the Mara'on river canyon, ones we cross the river, we will go up again, until 3640 meters. It will be a giant roller coaster. During this trip you will enjoy the deep and unknown real Peruvian nature experience. Arrival to Cajamarca, transfer to the hotel.

Day 8: Early morning, we go for excursion to Kuntur wasi, witch is a pre inca complex for administration and religious purposes. The ruins of Kuntur wasi were recently discover by Japanese archaeologists, who travel to Peru sent by the University of Tokyo. We will visit the museum of Kuntur wasi where we will see the oldest pieces or art in gold of South America. End of excursion, transfer to the hotel.
  • 1
    • kuelap fortress
      The Kuelap fortress is 600 meters wide and its walls are 19 meters high.
  • 2
    • cumbemayo
      The Cumbemayo region has the largest stone Forrest of South America.
  • 3
    • otuzco peru
      The windows of Otuzco are a huge necropolis that covers an entire mountain.

Day 9: Early morning, transfer to the region of Cumbe Mayo, found at 3500 meters over the sea level. Along the road we will visit the towns of Bellavista, Layzon and a forest park, until arrive to the aqueducts of Cumbe Mayo. From there you will see incredible landscapes. And we will visit a stone Forrest; which contains giant stones that resemble human shapes, animals and even a procession of monks.

We will continue our visit in this complex, where we will see petroglyphs, the stone tunnel of wishes and the 3000 year's old Cumbe Mayo aqueduct. The Cumbe Mayo aqueduct is the oldest and most important hydraulic engineering work of South America. We will stop for lunch, and in the afternoon we will visit the windows of Otuzco, which is a massive necropolis of pre Inca origins. And of course we will enjoy the beauty of the Cajamarca Valley.

Day10: Early morning, transfer to the airport, flight back to Lima and connection with your international flight. End of our services.

As you can see our Travel to Peru - Unknown destinations program is full of adventure and unknown tourist places of great interest. The reason they are unknown, it is because there are no daily flight connections. It is the reason of why we use small buses for 25 people. So to book this tour you need to part of a group with at list 10 people minimum. Now, if you don't have 9 friends that would like to go to Peru with you. Then you can sign in, in our monthly set departures and still enjoy this wonderful adventure in Peru.

It is include
  • All transfers
  • All nights of hotel accommodation + breakfast
  • All excursions that have been describe in the program
  • All tickets and entrances to archaeological sites
  • Flight Cajamarca - Lima
  • English speaking guides in all excursions
  • 24 hours emergency phone
  • Taxes an services

It is not Include
  • Internal connection flights
  • Airport taxes


Travel to Peru - Unknown destinations program - 2 Stars Hotels
Lima Hostal Porta Miraflores
Hotel Colonial Trujillo
Hotel Paraiso Chicayo
Hotel Casa Vieja Chachopoyas
Hotel Cajamarca Portal del Marquez
Private service: Price per person $ 1340, based in double occupancy.

Travel to Peru - Unknown destinations program - 3 Stars Hotels
Lima Hotel Ducado Miraflores
Hotel Trujillo Continental
Hotel Chiclayo Central
Hotel Chachopoyas la Casa Vieja
Hotel Cajamarca Cumbe Inn
Private service: Price per person $ 1440, based in double occupancy.

Travel to Peru - Unknown destinations program - 4 Stars Hotels
Lima Hotel Colon
Hotel Libertador Trujillo
Gran Hotel Chiclayo
Hotel Casa Vieja
Hotel Laguna Seca Cajamarca
Private service: Price per person $ 1690, based in double occupancy.

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