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Facts About the Incas

Many archaeologist and investigators underestimate the complexity of the Incas culture. The true is that they develop medicine cures and treatments, art styles, magnificent pottery, technology in many fields, weapons development. They master complex metalworking skills, war strategy, advance architecture and much more. Here you will find a list of the 12 most important facts that you should know.

The Inca Art expression goes from music, textile, carving wood, carving stone, metallurgy art and poetry. The Inca people did not have writing, so the poetry was pass from father to son in shape of tales and verbal traditions.
  • 1
    • kero
      They use wood to make the Kero or Inca glass.
  • 2
    • Inca art
      The Inca artisans were capable to create beautifully pottery.
  • 3
    • Inca gold glass
      They make golden Keros for the royal families to be use in special celebrations.

The Inca Pottery was simple and practical. The Incas produce two kinds of ceramics, the ceremony style and the massive production ceramics. They were in limited shapes and with a simple geometric decoration of stylized images of animals and day by day actions.

The Inca Technology had a great understanding of mathematics, agriculture and advance development of crops. They also knew about medicine, hydraulics, astronomy, architecture and military strategy.

The Inca people create Inca Masks for ceremonies and religious acts. They did not use them so often for burial ceremonies, like the cultures before them. The Incas artisan designs were looking for the role of the mask.

The Inca Trail roads network has more than 23000 kilometers of built paths, these roads were build on a strict harmony with the natural environment.

The Inca Gold was not inherit by your descendants. So when somebody died, the gold was place inside his grave, that's why all the best gold collections where found in tombs.

The Incas use golden chest aprons. They were two pieces that surround the thorax, joined on the shoulders and tie on the sides with textiles. They were a remarkable piece of Inca Jewelry.

The most important set of Inca Weapons were the axes and truncheons with sharp stars of stone or copper.
  • 1
    • Inca warrior
      The Inca warriors were select from the regular army throughout severe and painful training.
  • 2
    • Inca demon
      Inca masks were use for ceremonies and celebrations, many of them still in use until today.
  • 3
    • Inca temple
      The technology use to build these temples still a plain mystery but there are few theories about it.

The Inca Pyramids prime material were mud bricks of clay, mixed with dry straw of corn plant, as binding material. When the Incas found a pyramid build by other culture, they build their own Inca temple on top of them.

The Inca Medicine was so complex that classifies and treats sadness, severe afflictions of behavior, anger, cowardice, regret. They have cures for anxiety, pathological fear, dementia, severe psychotic disorders, just to mention a few.

The Inca Warriors were place in full brainwash training. The objective was to forget fear, the training was so intense and for years, that result in fearless suicidal warriors.

An Inca Temple harbor altars possibly for one god or for many gods. The main Inca god was the sun. Among all the Incas divinities, we can find gods and semi gods, each of them with a new set of religion ceremonies.
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