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If You Do Not Know What is
RSS Feed and RSS Reader;
then, this Page is For You.

Have you seen this symbol before? feed-icon It means that your favorite website is offering you the opportunity to send you recent news without you checking the website again. Sounds estrange right! You may are asking yourself, how my favorite website will report me all news that I want, without me coming back to the website?

It is simple; your favorite website will send a special message to your RSS reader with the information that you are interest about. The act of send news reports is call RSS feed. The benefit of receiving RSS feed, it is that in one place you can read all news that you want, without revisit any website.

What is RSS reader? It is a simple piece of software install in your computer, where website sends their RSS feeds. The advantage of using this software it is that saves you time and effort. Plus you can get as much RSS feeds as you want. Now it is time for you to choose one reader that suit you needs.

How to choose RSS reader software? First you need to think what is more convenient for you, for example if you work only in one computer you could download any one you like. But if you work in two computers or more it is best that you join a reader service online. The reader service online works just like your email account but in instead of emails, you get news from websites.

Remember one thing, 'Your Time is Priceless'. What I am trying to tell you is, when the time comes of choosing an RSS feed, be merciless. If they cannot keep up your attention or interest, unsubscribe from it. Because if you join to many, you will have an avalanche of information that you do not need, so try to avoid information overloud.

How to subscribe to RSS feeds? First you need to choose an RSS reader, and here you can find my suggestions:

To Install in Your Computer
It is simple and easy to use. It is perfect if you have no experience.
It is not bad software but it comes with previously login RSS feeds from companies that I have no idea about.
To download the software, first you have to sign in for a new account with Newsgator RSS reader services online.
A simple RSS reader but ones again, it sign you in into RSS feed that maybe you have no interest about.

RSS Reader Services Online

Google Reader
My favorite is Google reader, because its simplicity. Plus it offer you other services like Webmaster tool, analytics and much more. Google it is not just a search engine, they offer you many free online tools.
It is the second-best, plus it has a search engine for Blogs and RSS feeds in few languages.

Final Conclusion

I suggest trying them all. Then keep witch one you like the most. I think the Google Reader and the are the best ones. But still, you should try few of them, to see which one you like the most.

Congratulations! Now you know what is RSS reader and RSS feed. From today on, your favorite websites will show you a world of quality content. So I officially welcome you to the future of the Internet, where you read only what you want to read.

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