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Peruvian People

The Peruvian people are the real reason to visit Peru; Think about it? If they had not built Machu Picchu, would you visit Peru? If they did not cook such tasty food, would you visit Peru? Or if they did not have so many pre Incas cultures in the coast, highlands and jungle, would you be interest to visit Peru? The answer is no. All reasons to visit Peru are link to something the Peruvians do or have done; other ways none of us will be interest in Peru.

We visit Peru to admire the greatness and marvelous cultures the Peruvian people had build over hundreds of generations, since the beginning of time. There are two theories of how the Peruvians arrive to South America. The first theory says they came with ships from the Polynesia. And the second theory explains how the Peruvians came from Russia, crossing the Bering Strait. Then they walk down from North America to South America, looking for warmer places to live.

The Peruvian people had contact with Europe and Middle East countries long before we know. The proof of their contact is the cotton the Incas use; the cotton is original from Egypt. Plus it's incredible but few Egyptian mummies have remains of coca plant; as you know the coca plant is original from Peru. Without a doubt they must have contact.
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    • peruvian people origins
      This image shows you the theories of how the old Peruvians arrive to South America.
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    • ancient peruvian
      The image shows you how the old Peruvians should look like over 5000 years ago.
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    • black peruvians
      The black slaves brought by the Spaniards got their freedom with the Peruvian independence.

Seven thousand years ago the Peruvian people grow in small communities and practice the teamwork to solve their problems. They develop quickly because they work as a community. The old Peruvians were the ones that tame the potato, corn, peanut, tomatoes, squash and other plants that you can only find in Peru.

The oldest city of South America is in the north east of Lima, Peru. It was build more than 5000 years ago. Few centuries after, they grow into 14 small civilizations, with more than 23 small kingdoms, spread all over the Peruvian territory. Most of these small kingdoms disappear by them self or bigger civilizations conquer them.

The Inca Culture appears over 1000 years ago and in less than two hundred years; they conquer nearly half of South America. It was just on time to self collapse on the hands of the Spaniards over 500 years ago. When the Spaniards conquer the Incas, the Peruvian people face the hardest test of strength and resistance of their history.

Five hundred years ago Peru has a population of 9 million people. Then the Spaniards arrive and after 100 years of Spaniard rule, the Peruvian population drop down to 600 thousands. The Spaniards almost exterminate all Peruvians, but the Peruvian people survive and mix their Inca Religion with the catholic religion of the Spaniards.

Now days you can see the beautiful mix that had born from the unwanted marriage of the Inca People and the Spaniards. The Inca and Spaniard cultural mix is the most painful and priceless Peruvian legacy. When you see the Peruvian people face to face you will feel their real open heart attitude. They are friendly, polite and open heart by nature.

When you will visit Peru, you will see black Peruvians; who are the descendants of the slaves brought from Africa by the Spaniards. You will see Chinese Peruvians; who are the descendants of the cheap working hands, brought to Peru by the Spaniards over two centuries ago.
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    • peruvians
      The Peruvians always have a smile, no matter what is happening.
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    • people from peru
      The deep patriotism grows stronger in the recent generations; it's the awakening of a great nation.
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    • peruvian traditions
      Old Inca traditions are still in practice all over Peru.

When you will visit Peru, you will see typical people from the highlands. They are the direct descendants of the Incas. So look carefully into their eyes, because maybe you are looking at the face of a descendant of a fearless Inca Warrior. You never know, maybe you could be looking at the face of a direct descendant of an Inca king. It's because there are no records of royal blood lineage until today.

If you will visit Peru, you may have the chance to see the Peruvian people from the jungle. They have a special smile and friendly attitude, so typical of them. Today, we make an effort to live in harmony with nature; healthy food, recycling and try to contaminate less. Now, look at the jungle people; these people live in harmony with their environment for centuries. They are an example that many of us should follow.

Now forget the simple reasons to visit Peru. Forget about the nature. Forget about the culture and forget about the Incas Architecture as well. At the end, the only and most important reason to visit Peru is to meet the Peruvian people. Peru is such an interesting destination today because the Peruvians are strong, they have a great culture and simply because they are happy people.
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