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Peruvian Food

The Peruvian food is the result of the mixture of Inca Food, Spaniard cuisine, African, Arabian, Chinese and Italian cuisine. It's a great cocktail of the most delicious cuisines of the world. Surprisingly only few people around the world has try the Peruvian cuisine. Among those people that try the Peruvian cuisine are important chefs from France and New York. It's unbelievable but each of them qualifies the Peruvian cuisine as the most delicious and original flavors they have ever tried.

The Peruvian cuisine has arrived to US and Europe and it's expected that in few years the Peruvian food will be as popular as Thai food. The secret of the Peruvian cuisine is their original and unknown vegetables. Such large variety of vegetables grow in Peru because, Peru have coast, highlands and jungle. These three whether environments allow 84 of the 104 existing life ecosystem zones and 28 of the 32 different types of climate in the world. Such variety of temperatures allows growing countless amounts of fresh and unique vegetables.
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    • peruvian products
      Peru has coast, highlands and jungle; this fact allows an unbelievable variety of food products.
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    • peruvian recipes
      Travel to Peru to try its food, has become a delicious excuse to travel to Peru.
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    • stuffed peppers
      Rocotos Rellenos (stuffed peppers), it's a delicious delicatessen from the south of Peru.

The Peruvian diversity of climates gives you as result, many varieties of the same vegetable. For example: 35 varieties of corn found only in Peru, more than 15 varieties of tomato, over 4000 varieties of potato from sweet to deep yellow and salty potato. Two Pacific Ocean currents crush in front the Peruvian coastline; the result is warm water in the north and cold in the south. Such diversity of temperatures offers you over 2000 varieties of fish.

Peru has 650 native fruits and the Peruvian food use them to prepare delicious desserts. The Kinua, Kiwicha and Maca are incredibly nutritional cereals only find in Peru. Peruvian scientists believe that in the future, the world hunger maybe stop with these super cereals made in Peru. Many Peruvian products are been study and develop by scientist around the world. For example: The Kinua it's been use by the NASA to feed astronauts in the space.

The Peruvian food has influences from many cuisines. The result is: 2000 soups, 250 national desserts and a countless amount of main courses. Such variety is because each part of the country cooks each dish in their own way, with their own vegetables, resulting in a different dish. It's why the Peruvian cuisine main dishes are impossible to count.

If you ever go to Peru, you will try the Peruvian cuisine from the highlands, with its rustic Inca style. Or the food from the jungle with such estrange and delicious ingredients. We are sure you will like the food form the coast, with fresh and rich seafood. To resume, visit Peru and experience their food will be like Disneyland for professional chefs

The Peruvian government supports many Peruvian chefs to compete in culinary contests around the world. The result is a word of mouth around the world qualifying the Peruvian cuisine as the next big thing. The secret of the Peruvian chef's success is the products, vegetables and flavors that no one have ever seen before. Add the Peruvian chef's skillful hands and imagination, so they give birth to the Peruvian food of the twenty first century.
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    • ceviche
      Ceviche, it is the most renown Peruvian dish.
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    • peruvian food
      You may call this, Ceviche evolution, created by our proud Peruvian chefs.
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    • ceviche recipe
      Ceviche from the north of Peru, as you can see each Peruvian region prepares Ceviche in a different way.

The Peruvian food success is calling the attention of famous international chefs. All of them have notice the potential and great future of the Peruvian chefs. Few famous chefs are traveling to Peru to learn the new cuisine. They are curious and want to try the new products and fusion them into their own cuisine.

Even international chains of Hotels are showing interest on the Peruvian chefs. For example: Walt Disney corporation has hired chefs from Peru to work in their hotels. The experience with the Peruvian chefs has proof the Peruvian food has a great future. It has all necessary ingredients, flavors and textures to become one of best cuisines of the world.

The Peruvian cuisine revolution has begun, in few years from now, all the world will know about the quality and delicious taste of the Peruvian food. So if you have not tried it yet, what are you waiting for? You have no idea what delicious pleasure you are missing. Let me guess, you do not have any Peruvian restaurant in your city! Then there is no other choice, you need to travel to Peru and enjoy the most extraordinary culinary adventure of your life.
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