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Here you can find the four most popular Peru vacations programs around Peru, all of them are short, good and inexpensive. We believe that few alternatives are better than few hundred alternatives. We believe too many alternatives only confuse you about what you want. Now, if you want something different, we have 60 different programs available, but we don't want to confuse you with too many alternatives. So let us know what you would like to do in Peru, and then we will send you few choices that could fit your needs.

How long your vacation trip should be? Well, think about it, a regular summer vacation have a minimum of seven days. Now, Peru is a way more complex destination than any summer resort. Peru has so much to offer you and places to visit, that you will need a full month, just to see the more important tourist attractions. Our solution of the problem of too long tours or too short tours, are the following compress Peru vacations programs.
  • 1
    • peruvian jungle
      The Peruvian jungle is a beautiful, lonely and unexplored paradise.
  • 2
    • amazon river
      Seen with your own eyes the place of birth of the Amazon River will be an unforgivable experience.
  • 3
    • kuelap
      The fortress of Kuelap, with its giant walls, it is the final highlight of the Unknown Destinations Program.

Peru Best For Less 14 Days
Peru Best for Less 14 day's program is the less expensive program available. It is our best seller program because our clients have a deep, face-to-face experience with the Peruvian culture like no other program.

Classic Peru Holidays 10 Days
You will visit the Capital of Peru (Lima), the Nazca lines (Ica) and the capital of the old Inca empire (Cusco). Plus you will visit the highest lake of the world (Puno) and you will enjoy an adventure inside the Peruvian Jungle (Puerto Maldonado). It is the most complete of our Peru vacations programs, because you will see coast, highlands and jungle.

Amazon River and Peru Best 10 Days
During this program you will visit the same destinations of the Classic Peru Holidays (Lima, Nazca, Cusco and Puno). But the last two days, you will visit the capital of the Peruvian jungle (Iquitos) and see the birthplace of the Amazon river.

Travel to Peru ' Unknown Destinations 10 Days
If you want a Peru vacations program that goes out of the ordinary, this is the right choice. The unknown destinations program goes to the north of Peru; most of the traveling is in private bus. The north cities of Peru have no daily flight connection in within that's why we use a bus. But you will uncover the deep unexplored Peruvian countryside like no other program before.

Now, as you can see our Peru vacations programs are simple and straight down to business. There is no wasting time. So if you are looking forward to go to Peru, to see and enjoy the best that Peru can offer you, any of these tours will satisfy your needs.

What about if you want to take your time in each destination? If you want to go at your own pace, you need a tailor-made program. The first step is to fill up our Tour Request Form and let us know which ones of the 24 Peruvian provinces you would like to visit. If you have no idea witch one to choose! Please use the links below, there you will find information about each Peruvian province.

Ones you choose which provinces you like the most, let us know what program you would like to have. For example: a Peru vacations program with free days in each province, only the hotel in each location with no excursions. Other example could be a private program to meet the Peruvian and Inca culture as deep as possible. There are countless possibilities for you to choose, so let us know what you want and we will set up few alternatives for you.
  • 1
    • map of peru
      Peru has 24 provinces and in every single one of them you can find very interesting things to do.
  • 2
    • cuzco
      Cuzco city has an original fusion in within the Incas culture and Spanish culture; it is a place that you must visit.
  • 3
    • miraflores peru
      The modern district of Miraflores, it is the best place to go out for party, dinner show or simply go out for a walk.

Let's say that you would like us to prepare a Peru vacations program for you, but you have no idea which Peruvian province you should go? Maybe you have in your mind to go only to the most important places. How to choose where to go if you don't know where are the best tourist attractions. The answer to your questions is: Make it simple! Go for the basic ones! For example: Lima, Cusco, Puno and jungle will be enough. Now, if you have few days, then Lima and Cusco is a good start.

We believe that, well done simple tours are the best. It's all about your entertainment and your general experience during your trip. We assure you that any of our Peru vacations programs, will show you the best that Peru can offer you.

Now, remember all our programs are focus to satisfy the client, delivering great organization, good quality local guides and above all, good prices. All supported by our entire organization and its net of connections and customer support around Peru. At the end we have the clean confidence that if you choose any of our Peru vacations programs, you will be more than satisfy with your experience traveling around Peru.
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