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About Peru Travel Confidential

We are a tour operator based in Peru with offices in Spain. We dedicated our efforts to improve the tourism standard in Peru by allowing each community to develop into a sustainable Eco tourism. It means that we do our best to work only with local tour operators and we work only with local guides. The result of our work policy help the local communities become the direct beneficiaries of the tourism in the area.

Our company born as a dream of two people, they are Dana Tagle and Alex Tagle co founders of the company. Longtime has past from the moment when Alex and Dana were dreaming to show Peruvian landscapes to tourist. Then the years of planning and finally finding the right moment to lunch the company to business. Yes, it was heavy work plus a bunch of sacrifices, but they do not regret anything from that incredible adventure.

The first spark of life of Peru Travel Confidential happened when Alex Tagle who is Peruvian, take his wife Dana Tagle to meet all his family in Peru. Alex use to talk about how beautiful landscapes you can find in Peru, and how unknown Peru is to the world. Alex told Dana how marvelous experience could be to visit Peru, so Dana had a clear idea in her mind about how the trip will be.
  • 1
    • Alex Tagle
      Alex Tagle, born and raise in Peru, he spend most of his adulthood working in cruise ships around the world.
  • 2
    • Dana Tagle
      Dana Tagle is a Latvian ex professional ballet Dancer that has fall in love of Peru.
  • 3
    • Gabriel Tagle
      The six years old son of Alex and Dana, his name is Gabriel and here he is preparing to dance flamenco.

Alex had experience in tourism, so he organizes the tour by himself. It was 14 days full tour around Peru, with airplanes, transfers, excursions, guides, restaurants, etc. It was such intense experience for both of them that two weeks later they surrender to the idea of making a living selling tours to Peru is possible. Days after they return, and it became clear what they have to do, so right then Peru Travel Confidential born.

It is not easy to start a new business without preparations, so Alex created a plan. The first step was to start to teach himself how to build a website using HTML, Java, CSS and Fireworks. It took him about one year of work to lunch the first website about Peru. Now, Alex did not make everything by himself, he used the priceless help of SBI site build it. The SBI software was use to build our website and still in use until today, plus it teach Alex how to be a successful webmaster. If you would like to read Alex history click here.

The Peru Travel Confidential beginnings were simple. They start by getting in touch with local Peruvian operators, so they could get lists with tours and prices. Then they got in touch with larger European travel agencies, so at the beginning they got small commissions for each sale. Time after Alex and Dana open office in Peru, and it become a quick success. The main reason of such quick success was the high standards in customer service that Dana and Alex apply to the business.

Today we can feel satisfy of the rate of our customer satisfaction and the growing rate of our work in Peru. We are not interest in growing without control. The Peru Travel Confidential objective is to create the right environment for affordable and sustainable Eco tourism, adventure tourism and cultural tourism in Peru. We hope that you will give us an opportunity to show you how unbelievable experience is to visit Peru. We assure you that it will be the biggest adventure of your life.
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