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Peru Mysteries

The Peru mysteries are so many that will take me days to explain you all of them. Here we will explain you the most important ones. For example: Peru has the world record of UFO sightseeing. Among all pre Incas cultures and around the Peruvian territory there is evidence of visitors from foreigner lands. They call them gods and the Indians invent tells of their arrival; they also create prophecies of their return.

It's hard to believe but few images of gods from old civilizations looks like today's astronauts. Peruvian investigators believe that it's a coincidence. You need to know; the same god images appear in many pre Inca cultures and in different periods of the Peruvian history. Now, do you still think that it's a coincidence?

The most interesting Peru mysteries start with the satellite photos Google took for Google earth maps. The photos show what looks like cities under the water of several lakes in the Peruvian highlands. Go to Google earth and check it for your self. When the Peruvian government finds out about the photos, they send a group of scientists to examine the lakes. Like all mysteries are, they didn't find anything.
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    • ufo peru
      The Chulucanas incident, a UFO appears in the sky and the citizens of Chulucanas witness the event.
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    • peru ufo sightings
      Image of the larger UFO sighting of the history of main kind; they were over 5000 objects in Lima, 20 of May 2007.
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    • ufo sightings in peru
      News about UFO sightseeing are common in the Peruvian newspapers.

The Incas mythology is next in our list of Peru mysteries. It's about the founder of the Incas empire. The Incas mythology explains that he and his wife came out from the waters of the Titicaca lake. Recently, Peruvian archaeologist have found an Inca city at the bottom of the Titicaca lake; strange coincidence, right! Today the Peruvian government has plans to send deep-sea submarines and under water equipment to study the ruins.

Lines in a desert don't sound interesting enough to be part of the Peru mysteries. But you need to know; the lines are thousand years old. They draw huge images of animals and they have a small radiation coming from them. Does the Nazca lines sounds interesting enough for you now? Peruvian investigators have too many questions and few answers about the Nazca lines.

Peruvian scientist has no explanation of why they draw these images in the desert surface. Few of them have crazy theories that qualify the Nazca lines as an airport with signals on the ground that mark landing areas. Other scientists believe it's a calendar. What is difficult to understand is why few images looks like modern astronauts. It's the biggest of all Peru mysteries.

Peruvian air force pilots have came across hundreds of UFOs. It is something that everybody knows, but no one wants to talk about. Recently one huge investigation about UFOs in Peru, hear the opinion of several ex pilots from the Peruvian air force. All of them confirm and explain what happen to them, in the Peruvian national television.

Our list of Peru mysteries continue with the incredible coincidence that have all Inca cities when it comes about energy. The purpose of the Incas Architecture engineers was to collect natural energy and reflect it to the center of the city. The center of these cities has areas were they collect such energy; plus they align these collecting areas with different stars. It's simply too many coincidences; they must know exactly what they were doing.

Today any GPS use the longitude, latitude, and altitude to estimate your position. The question is: how the Inca Technology could find the right latitude and longitude to build their cities over 500 years ago? They must use an advance technology we don't know about or someone told them where to build their cities.
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    • peru mysteries underwater
      This lake is in the highlands of Peru, close to the Puno province; it does looks like a city under the water.
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    • ufo sightings by pilots
      Oscar Santa Maria exposes his experience in the UFO conference of November 12, 2007 at the national press club.
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    • ica earthquake
      Electrical anomalies and UFO sightseeing, always appear when a natural disaster occurs.

The Peru mysteries related to the Inca people make an interesting question. How the Inca People could have such super human strength to move the giant stones used in their cities and temples? We think there are two possible explanations. First, they were the most amazing, organize and physically superior army of hundreds of thousands of workers. And the second crazy possibility could be that they use technology that we never hear about. Anyways, we will never going to know.

Now, our Peru mysteries list visits the jungle. The Indians from the Amazon river believes that deep in the Amazon river lives the Bufeos. They are a creature half human and half dolphin. The legend defines the Bufeos as lonely creatures looking for company. When a Bufeo see a sad man or woman standing next to the river, they came to the surface and with their magic charm, persuade the person to go with them. Histories of people missing for decades that were seeing swimming the Amazon river, keep the legend alive.

All over Peru you will find tales and histories of estrange events that had happen in Peru. The Incas foretell about the return of the Inca Empire from the original blood lineage, it's the most interesting history. Now; it maybe possible because in Peru had been always rumors of secret societies that protect the Incas royal blood. Discover the successor of the Incas throne is the greatest of all Peru mysteries.
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