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Incas Architecture

The Incas architecture engineers had the skills to create everlasting buildings with stone. Plus the Inca people that work in the construction sites have discipline and they were well organize, making them an excellent working force. Incas engineers skills, excellent working force and Inca Technology was the recipe to create the unbelievable Inca constructions we know today.

Peruvians archaeologists believe the Inca engineers prepare scale models for the future building projects. They make their scale models with wood, clay or stone; when finish, they use the scale model like a construction plan. The Incas architecture engineers order to cut the stones, only after they confirm the measures of the building on the construction site.

The Incas cut the stones, by cracking it and introducing slim pieces of wood. Then, they poor water in the wood, the wood absorb the water and expand. When the crack in the stone gets bigger, they repeat the steps with bigger pieces of wood. The method was enough to crack the stones in large rectangular shapes.
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    • incas stone work
      The Incas stone work it's so perfect that maybe impossible to repeat.
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    • incas tools
      Sets of tools like these were use to build their temples. It's simply unbelievable.
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    • incas roads
      The Inca trails are the engineering masterpiece of the Incas.

The Incas architecture method to create such perfect stone fitting was simple. They make a full-size clay replica of the stone that it was need. Then, the replica was send to the Inca carving stone master, so he had a perfect example, on real size of what he needs to do. Copy the measurements of the replica was crucial, because the stone must fit perfect the first time they place it in the wall.

Following the orders of the Incas architecture engineers thousands of Inca workers were send to the construction site. Their main duty was to prepare the ground and set the ramps to build the walls. Next, the carving stone master team starts to work; Peruvian investigators believe they were split in three groups.

The first group was responsible to cut large rectangle pieces of stone. The second group clear up the flaws of the stone and the last group polish the stone with sand. It sounds simple, but you need to imagine hundreds of thousands of Indians working with tools made from stone or copper. A simple view of the working site should be an incredible experience.

The Inca carving stone masters got the order from the Incas architecture engineers about the shape and quality of the stones they carved. When the stones were finish, they call the force team to move the stones to the construction site. We believe these men must look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or bigger. It's because they must had super human strength to move those stones; remember they didn't know the wheel.

The Inca Education teaches to the people that touch the holy stones was an honor. Such honor was reserve for the strongest men. Each community choose their strongest men and they were offer to be part of the force team. The steps to select the strongest men in each community were the equivalent of today's Olympic Games.

The Incas architecture technique was simple; they place the stones in rails of wood to conserve the stones as perfect as possible. Then, they move the stones to the construction site. The biggest stones were place first; next, the workers build ramps around this stones. Ones they settle the ground of the ramps, they slide the smaller stones to the top of the big stones; they repeat the steps until finish the wall. When they finish the walls, they remove the ramps and the working site was clean up.

The Incas architecture planning was complex. They need to organize food supply, make their own tools, houses to sleep for the workers and build special roads for the stones transfers. Now, imagine how complex that planning must be over 500 years ago. The Inca Government engineers could organize, plan and complete any building project better and faster than any other culture of the world.

The Incas architecture engineers call skillful workers from all over the kingdom. They walk towards the construction sites using the best roads network ever build before. If we must compare, the Incas road network was more advance than the roads from the Roman Empire. The Incas roads went throughout mountains and rivers, with houses to rest and eat along the roads. This impressive road network it's known today as the Inca Trail.

The Inca trails are link from Colombia, throughout the Andes Mountains and ending in the south of Chile. Few of these roads are still in use today. The Peruvian People of the Andes still use them to transport their products and visit other communities. The Inca trail network was the engineering masterpiece of the Incas architecture.

The Incas had a mail service, it consists of the fastest runners of the kingdom; the runners were call Chasquis. The Inca mail service it's simply to explain: First, a Chasqui pick up the information from the origin, then he start to run towards a pit stop house. Ones he arrives, he passes the information to the Chasqui that is waiting for him. Next, the new Chasqui start to run towards the next house. They repeat the steps until the message arrive to the Inca king itself.
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    • incas architecture
      The stone alignment of the walls is prefect, the question is: how they did it?
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    • chasqui
      The Chasqui was the super athlete of the Inca Empire.
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    • inca laws
      Investigators believe the three fundamental Inca laws were use as greeting.

The distance from one pit stop house to another was roughly 200 kilometers. The messages they carry on was information in the shape of Quipus. Now, imagine these men running throughout mountains, crossing rivers, running at maximum speed at 4000 meters over the sea level. The Chasquis were great athletes; these men have special rewards and privileges in the Incas Society.

The Incas architecture develop an agriculture method call the Andenes. The Andenes are huge stairs on the hills, where the Incas build rectangle areas with stones. They filled up these rectangles with fertile ground and set up an internal irrigation method. The Andenes agriculture method is the responsible of the success of the Inca Agriculture.

In Peru you can still find indigenous communities that still use the Andenes to produce potatoes, corn and other vegetables. The Andenes they use are over 600 years old and still working without maintenance. The Incas architecture hydraulics engineering was so perfect, that they were capable to bring freshwater from rivers that where hundreds of kilometers away.

You must be asking your self? How they did it? How could they be so obedient society? The answer is cruel and simple. They did it because they make their people follow three unbreakable laws: Ama suwa (Do not steal), Ama qilla (Do not be lazy) and Ama llulla (Do not lie). These three laws were enough to grow into the most organize and obedient society ever exists. For the Incas architecture engineers was easy, because they have armies of workers at their disposal.

Peruvian investigators believe that during their Inca Daily Life they use their laws as hello and good-bye. For example, if you are in front of an Indian, he will tell you do not steal, do not be lazy and do not lie and you should answer him. Do not steal, do not be lazy and do not lie for you too.
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