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Inca Women

The Inca women were the engine that moves the Incas development. The history is not giving the right place to the multiple achievements of women during the Inca Empire. In this page you will find a few important facts about the real role of the women in the Incas society. It was women who experiment with the first style of primitive agriculture. They experiment with agriculture while men were out hunting. Centuries after of try and error, teach them how to grow vegetables.

Pregnancy for the Inca women was a normal stage; in fact the birth of a new baby wasn't a special moment. For example: if a woman was close to give birth to a new baby. She and few people she trust go away, giving birth to the baby away from the community. After the baby's delivery, the mother takes the baby to the closes river. Next, mother and baby take a bath in the frozen water; it was similar to the religious baptisms. But the Incas purpose of the cold river bath was to increase the resistance to cold temperatures of the baby.
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      The woman duties during the Inca civilization never end, plus they were use as prize.
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      The existence of women Inca warriors is never been proof yet.
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      The tradition to carry on your kid in you back is still in practice in the highlands of Peru.

The married Inca women were permanently under the command of their husbands; when the husband dies, the widow became head of her family. The Inca Mythology gives to women an active role during the Incas origins. There are stories that describe female Inca warriors. One of this myths talk about Mama Huaco, head of the Inca army. She was at war with tribes of the Cusco valley. Then, Mama Huaco kills an enemy, open his thorax and rip off his lungs. Next, she blows inside them and show it to her enemies, it was such scary moment for the enemies that they escape terrified by Mama Huaco.

More than 4000 years ago the Inca women were responsible of the final taming of the llama, guinea pig and the hairless Inca dog. The women never stop working because even when they were walking from one place to another, the women carry on knitting or weaving fibers. When the Inca wars begin, the Inca government gathers the army only after their men has finish harvesting their fields. Plus all Inca Warriors at the time go to war with their wife's, who took care of them, feeding them and healing their injuries.

The single Inca women had the special right to try a husband. It calls Servinacuyo, it means test marriage. For example: If a woman is testing a husband and then she decides to go, the husband cannot stop her. She even has the right to take the children's with her, going back to her parent's house. The parents specially welcome the new children, because they were look as a future working force, for the family and the community. The Servicanuyo tradition is still in practice, in the highlands of Peru

The marriage was important for the Incas Society. Simply, because ones the Inca women get marry, their full responsibilities and duties to the Inca government begin. It was crucial for the Inca government to marry as many people as possible, so they organize meetings of single men and girls, to force them into marriage. The premarital sexual relations were aloud. But if a woman was rape, they kill the responsible by throwing him from a high mountain. They leave the body of the rapist without burial to feed the animals.
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      The Servinacuyo practice allows a woman to leave her husband any time she wants.
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      The Acllas were working for life in the Acllahuasis.
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      Young Acllas were use as entertainment, concubines or as wife's for authorities.

During the Incas rule, many young Inca women from all social status live and work in houses call Acllahuasis. These women dedicate their entire lives to produce textiles and alcoholic drinks. They also were offer as wife for Inca authorities. Their main duty was to stay virgin for life. If a woman loses her virginity, they kill her in public with the men that seduce her. Just to make everybody understand that these women are untouchable.

The Inca women that live in the Acllahuasis were call Acllas and they were classify as follows. The Yurac Aclla; these women have blood ties with the Inca king family and they have to stay virgin for life. The Huayrur Aclla, they were the most beautiful, used as secondary wives or concubines for the Inca king. The Paco Aclla, they will become wife of authorities or noble warriors. The Yana Aclla, they work as peasants for the Acllahuasis. The Taqui Aclla, these women were use as entertainment for the royal families because their lyric abilities.

The Yurac Acllas were the only Inca women that stay for life inside the Acllahuasis. Once they became older, they change their name into Mamacunas and work as teachers for the new generations of women. During the Incas rule, women have the freedom to choose a husband, have an abortion, premarital sex or become a female warrior. During the Incas rule women never had the same rights as men, it's sad but men consider them an object.
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