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Inca Weapons

The Inca weapons were use in battle with an abnormal close range. The battle, once it begins had little central control. Most of the Inca Warriors end fighting as individuals. The standard war strategy was to divide the army in two groups of warriors, each group specialize in the use of one weapon.

The slingshot warriors; they were use to soft the battlefield ground before the main attach. They were capable to hit an enemy on the head at more than 70 meter range. The slingshot attach was send in waves, ones the first wave run out of stones, the second wave take over and so on until new orders. It was an intense training to become slingshot warrior, they were a selected group.
  • 1
    • inca slingshot
      Slingshots like this one still in use in the Peruvian highlands.
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    • long range inca weapons
      These clearly simple objects were lethal on the hands of the Inca army.
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    • inca axes and truncheons
      It is unbelievable, but they create the Inca Empire with these two simple weapons.

The slingshot warrior has secondary set of Inca weapons and it was the Boleadoras. They also use them to soft the battlefield ground. The difference is that they throw them against the first enemy line. By killing the first enemy line, open the battlefield and make better targets for the slingshot shooters. Ones the enemy was too close to use the slingshots or Boleadoras, the main attach begin.

The axes and truncheons with sharp stars of stone or copper were the most important set of Inca weapons. The Inca warriors were equal to the infantry. The first wave of warriors use spears to attack their enemies and ones they were face-to-face. The warriors use their axes and truncheons; the Incas army had an incredible discipline and courage.

The defense weapons were compose by: a shield of copper or wood, one copper chest apron with a leather layer inside, with cotton for cushioning. Two tibia protections and two arm protection made of copper, both of them with cotton cushion to protect the skin. Plus a wood or copper helmet, occasionally only a copper protection of the forehead, the helmets and the foreheads were always decorate with feathers.

During the Inca Education of a man, the military service was compulsory. It begins when the boy became 16 years old and it last from three to four years of heavy training. They were train to use of all Inca weapons, but at the end each soldier must choose one weapon specialty. The young men that show special skills continue their training for several more years. The chosen young men will become the future officers of the Inca armies.

It is important to remark that during the officer military service, the future officers were train in tactics attacks, ambush and survival skills. They brainwash them to resist cold environments and rare exercises to make them don't be afraid to anything. In some occasions, the Inca trainers put a sharp knife close to the trainee eyes and if he moves one muscle, the trainee was kick out of the military school. It was a severe merciless training.

The deep training in all Inca weapons provide by the military officers to the trainees was follow by their families. It was common the parents encourage their sons to carry on fighting with phrases like (better die trying, than surrender during the fight). The generalize madness for honor and no surrender sometimes finish killing some trainees.
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    • inca truncheon
      This image show how intimidating should be an Inca truncheon.
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    • inca weapons
      The 3 most common set of weapons use by the Inca army.
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    • inca helmet
      The Inca government was in charge to produce helmets for the army.

The success of the Inca war campaigns were the result of the intense training to the Inca warriors. It also happens because the entire Incas Society was blind crazy for war. The Inca weapons use on the battlefields like for example the axes and truncheons with sharp stars of stone or copper represent the strength of the Inca warriors. Add the heroic moral, the resistance to struggle and the self-confidence of these men; create the myth of the invincible Inca warrior.

Every Inca citizen was train in how to use all Inca weapons, so all Inca citizens were potential soldiers. When the Inca government gives the order to put together the army, the order was send to the entire kingdom. Ones a man get the order, he pick up his weapons, armor and equipment. Then he assigns a person to take care of his agriculture responsibilities because he did not know for how long he will be away.

The order to put together the Inca army, could take two days to travel to the farther places of the kingdom. The professional army with more than 150,000 Inca warriors, with his own Inca weapons and equipment, could assemble in less than two weeks. Confirming the fact that the Inca army discipline and organization was impressive.
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