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Inca Warriors

The Inca warriors were forge by discipline, bravery and a deep invincible self-believe. The Incas training was focus to brainwash them during their training. This elite force was teach to don't fear, never surrender in the battlefield and never feel alone because the gods protect his cause. Endure the heavy training to become a warrior was a duty for the Inca People.

Some archaeologist insists to show the Inca Empire like gentle, timid and fatalistic people. But the true is the Inca Empire was 100 percent military devoted fanatic people. The military training was compulsory and starts at 16 years old. The training was severe, they constantly select and test the soldiers, at the end they choose the ones that will became the Inca warriors elite force.
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    • inca warriors elite force
      The feathers in your helmet stand for your military rank.
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    • cuzco inca warrior
      Stone warrior at the Cuzco city gates, waiting to defend the Incas honor ones gain.
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    • elite inca warrior
      This image gives you an idea of the fearless attitude of the warriors in battle.

The Incas celebrate the coming of summer, they celebrate a good harvest season and they celebrate ceremonies to honor their gods every year. But there is no celebration like when the Inca warriors came back from battle. They enter the city of Cusco screaming their victory and the entire city stops. The citizens honor the warriors offering them food, drink and taking care of their wounds.

The Inca brainwash to forget fear was deep, intense and for many years that gives the result of perfect fearless men. No feeling, no pain, no regret. His only presence, his self-confidence and their battle war scream was enough to scare the enemy armies. They were the proud holders of the Incas honor.

The best documented Inca warriors fearless example, happen when the Spaniards ambush the last Inca king. The Inca king has 5000 warriors to protect him. The Spaniards start shooting them one by one, the warriors did not move. They stay protecting the Inca king. When they contra attach the Spaniards, the Spaniards attack them back with cavalry strikes; sprinkling warriors bodies in the horses path. They did not run they fight until the last one was death.

The Incas military schools ends with a mayor celebration call Huarachicu. The young cadet of the Inca army, receive from his mentor the Inca Weapons. Plus a metal badge, military uniform call Huara, military shoes call Ojotas and big earrings. The earrings will be the mark of his military status in the army. The Inca king himself was at the head of this celebration and in his final speech, the Inca king reminds them; the Inca warriors are fearless and never surrender.

The Incas advance weapons, the severe physical training and the advance military strategy, were the key of success in a war campaign. Before the Inca Empire exists, the people from the Inca tribes have no interest in the Inca nation. The Inca warriors traditions and first symptom of patriotism, nation and country conscience happen after the defeat of the eighth Inca Viracocha. The understanding begins during the war between the Inca Tribe and the Chancas tribe in 1410.

The Chancas attack the city of Cusco and after a fierce battle, the eighth Inca king Viracocha lost the city. The anguish facing danger has always been a great builder of collective soul. After the barbaric attack of the Chancas, the soul of the Inca warriors figure emerges on the hands of the young Inca prince Yupanqui. He reunifies the army, pick up the dropped Inca weapons and lead a suicide attack against the Chancas.
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    • inca prince yupanqui
      The Inca prince Yupanqui preparing a sacrifice for his god.
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    • inca general ruminahui
      Ruminahui was one of the 3 great generals of the Inca prince Yupanqui, his name mean eye of stone.
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    • inca warriors discipline
      They remove fear from the minds of the Inca soldiers, because they brainwash them.

Few days after, the Inca prince Yupanqui return to his father Viracocha, holding in his hands the heads of the Chancas generals. The king Viracocha, in stage of shock, ask to the prince Yupanqui; how you did it? Then, the young and brave Inca prince Yupanqui tell the most beautifully and unbelievable war tells that has not been register in any historical book.

Right before the suicide attack to recover the city of Cusco, the Inca prince Yupanqui and his Inca warriors prepare a sacrifice for their god the sun. And suddenly, god himself speak to the prince Yupanqui, saying! I am with you my son. The prince Yupanqui feel the support of the Inca Gods and lead the attack against the Chancas. As expected, the young prince saw how his warriors were dying quickly against the superiority of the Chancas army.

And when the defeat was clear, the Inca warriors felt how invisible new warriors were reinforcing their positions. Everybody in the battlefield felt how an estrange force weaken the Chancas. So the prince Yupanqui screams: The stones and plants from the battlefield are transforming into men and fighting you! Because the all mighty god sun had order it so. The Chancas lost the moral and afraid about the Inca gods power, abandon their weapons and run escaping from the remaining Inca army. So right then, the Inca empire was born.
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