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Inca Technology

The Incas collect technology from all cultures they conquered, and fusion them into their own Inca technology. When the Incas were about to conquer a new culture, they were especially careful to do not destroy any useful knowledge. Using this method they increase their understanding of mathematics, Inca Agriculture, medicine, hydraulics, astronomy, architecture and military tactics.

The Incas understanding of mathematics was remarkable. They were capable to create a calculator using the same principle of the abacus. It was call Quipu, and they use it for complex mathematic calculations; we still don't understand fully how they use it. But we know that it was use to keep track of goods, people, statistics and general wealth management of the entire kingdom.

We speculate in what they use the Quipu. But analyzing the Inca technology of the Quipu we understand how it works. The quipu has one main rope; several middle size ropes are tie to the main rope. From this middle size ropes a new set of smaller ropes are tie to it; creating a second level. Each rope was use to tie knots counting from zero to ten, with different knots for dozens, hundreds, thousands and so on. Archaeologist found Quipus with up to 10 levels; just to give us an idea how complex they are.
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    • quipu inca
      The Quipu was the key for the success of the Inca Empire.
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    • quipu knots
      Different knots are equal to different numbers.
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    • inca craniotomie
      It's unbelievable that this man had survive this injure.

Some investigators believe the Quipus were use for writing. It is believe they use numbers to represent sounds, so if they place the right combination of numbers they could reproduce words.

The agriculture was de most advance Inca technology of all. They knew how to hybrid a plant and make it stronger against high altitude conditions. For example, the Incas experiment with the potato so much that they create over 3000 varieties. We think it was years of development until get the seeds capable to grow in such adverse conditions. As surprisingly as it will sound, 60 percent of today vegetables were adapt, acclimatize or hybrid by the Incas and cultures before them.

The Inca technology development in medicine is astonishing. The Inca surgeons were capable to perform craniotomies with 90% of survival rate. Surgeries on the skull of a patient because a rock hit them were a common injury. Museums have skulls with up to four craniotomies confirming the incredible survival rate of the Inca Medicine. Regular sicknesses have treatments with magic, religious ceremonies and medicinal herbs.

The Inca technology has a deep understanding of hydraulics engineering. Water channels, bridges and walking paths were design and build using this technology. Without water and communications no community could survive, so build water channels and roads was important. Incredibly the Inca Government manages to build water channels to deliver water to the entire kingdom. Many of the water channels the Incas build are still in use until today.

No city was build, not crops harvesting and no religion ceremony was performing without the local astronomy confirms it is the right moment. The astronomy was an important Inca technology; it was mainly use to control time. The Incas had two-types of Inca Calendar count method. The first calendar has 365 days. The second calendar has 730 days and it was base in equinoxes and solstices; it was use for religious and social ceremonies.
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    • inca craniotomies
      This head injures were common for the Inca warriors, a surprising 90% of them survive the surgery.
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    • inca general
      The Incas culture spread out in South America fast and in a short period of time.
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    • inca observatory
      The Inca weather forecast was prepare in observatories, recorded in Quipus and send to the Inca king.

The architecture Inca technology is the most well know technology of all. It is not clear how the Incas cut, shape, polish and transport such huge stones to build their temples and cities. Several investigators have simply no explanation, but other archaeologist has come up with unbelievable theories of how the Incas build their cities. For example, few of them have the crazy theory than the Inca Architecture use alien technology to build their cities; it is something we will never know.

The Inca technology was key in the incredible development of the Inca empire. They use such technology to conquer and absorb new cultures like no one before or after them. Ones the Inca army was ready to attack a new culture, they offer a peaceful no conditions surrender; in most of the cases they surrender. But if they not surrender, the Incas attack with strength and without mercy; just because they want to spread their culture, religion and Inca Society values. If the new conquered culture adapt easy, the Incas let them stay, if not, they were split into smaller groups and send all over the kingdom.

The Inca army knew how to flank their enemies, battlefield discipline and gorilla attacks. The military tactics took good advantage of the Inca technology available at the time. The Incas had an elite force of Inca warriors call the Orejones. These men were specially train in speed, jump, war arts and survival skills. The Inca warriors use first-class Inca Weapons and wear sophisticated armors. You may find interesting, that during the years of military training they did not have sex. The Orejones were the symbol of strength, virtuosity and bravery of the Inca Empire.
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