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Inca Rulers

The Inca Empire had 21 known Inca rulers. Twelve of them were crown properly, one of them was the chosen successor but die before been crown. One of them became Inca king by killing the right successor and never was crown. Six of them were choose by the Spaniards as puppets during the Spanish occupation. And the last Inca King was the last leader of the resistance against the Spaniards, after him the Incas culture was dissolve.

Peruvian investigators believe there were more than 91 Inca rulers in the Incas history. And other investigators affirm they were 1050 Inca kings. It's possible, if you count them from the beginnings of the Incas culture, when they were a simple Inca Tribe until their destruction by the Spaniards. They do not have convincing proof to back up their theories; and perhaps we will never know the true. So in this page we will focus in the 12 main crown Inca kings, which have relevance in history.
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    • pachacutec inca yupanqui
      Pachacutec is the responsible of the greatness of the Inca Empire.
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    • inca ruler
      The Inca was the only and highest authority; he owns everything and everybody.
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    • inca
      The Inti Raymi is a ceremony where the Inca people praise the sun.

The Inca rulers genealogy is divide in two. First, the Hanan family or upper family and the second is the Hurin family or lower family. Peruvian investigators believe the difference within them was because, the Hanan family were descendants of the first Inca king and the Hurin family were descendants of the first Inca queen. There are two conditions to become Inca king. First, you must be crown with the Mascaipacha by the supreme priest and second, your name must be place in the Incas history arcade.

The Inca rulers history arcade was call Capaccuna, the supreme priest was the responsible of recording the names of the Inca kings. We know that in occasions they erase names. Today the Incas history arcade contains only 12 names. The first name is Manco Capac 1198-1228, who was the legendary founder of the kingdom. The Inca Mythology say that Manco Capac and his wife Mama Ocllo came out from the Titicaca lake and teach great knowledge to the people.

The second name in the list was Hurin Sinchi Roca 1228-1258, he put special attention in developing new techniques of agriculture. The third king was Lloque Yupanqui 1258-1288, he inherited an unstable kingdom, during his rule he did a great job keeping together the kingdom. The fourth Inca king was Mayta Capac 1288-1318. He was the first Inca warrior king, his fierce attitude and ambition of power took him to war with neighbor cultures, starting the first Inca wars.

The Inca rulers list continue with: The fifth Inca king C'pac Yupanqui 1318-1348. He was the last Inca king from the Hurin family. He was a great warrior like his father and he was the first Inca king that conquers tribes outside of the Cusco valley. The sixth name in the list was Inca Roca 1348-1378; he was the first Inca king from the Hanan family. He introduces the Hanan family in all areas of the government, dividing the city of Cusco into the Hanan half and the Hurin half.

The seventh name of the Inca rulers list was Hanan Yahuar Huaca 1378-1408. When he was eight, he was kidnap by the enemy tribe of Ayarmacas; he eventually escaped with the help of one of his captors mistresses. The eight Inca king was Wiracocha 1408-1438. He was the first Inca king that conquers cultures with the method of convincing them, to get into the Incas culture. By transforming the new culture into an Inca province; before him all wars end by killing everyone in the tribe.
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    • inca king
      The firstborn of the king was not the successor in the throne, only the strongest could become Inca.
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    • fifth inca ruler
      Capac Yupanqui was the first Inca that saw possible to conquer other tribes outside their frontiers.
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    • first inca ruler
      The Peruvian children learn about Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo in the school.

The ninth and most important of the Inca rulers was Pachacutec Inca Yupanqui 1438-1471. He was the greatest warrior of all times; he was the first Inca king that creates a professional army. Fact that will help to expand the Incas culture into the Incas Empire that we know today. The tenth Inca king was T'pac Inca Yupanqui 1471-1493, he follow the lead of his father expanding the kingdom to north and south. He continues and improves the methods to add new subordinate provinces to the kingdom.

The tenth-first and last proper crown of the Inca rulers was Huayna C'pac 1493-1527. He carries on with the example of his father and grandfather, expanding the kingdom. While Huayna C'pac was fighting to expand the kingdom, he and his future successor Ninan Cuyochi, live in the north of the territories. And his second son Huascar, also with right to be king, lives in Cusco.

Right then the Spaniards arrives. The smallpox the Spaniards broad; kill Huayna C'pac and his successor Ninan Cuyochi. Then, the second son Hu'scar was the next in line to become Inca king. Huascar was the tenth second and last Inca king 1527-1532. In 1532 his little brother Atahualpa kills Huascar and took over the kingdom. The name of Atahualpa is not part of the Inca rulers arcade list, which means that he never was crown. Then in 1533 the Spaniards kill Atahualpa and replace him with a puppet king.
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