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Inca Religion

The Inca religion had one main god and several different sub gods, goddess and divinities. The rule to apply religion is when men cannot explain natural events; so we end explaining such events with the supernatural actions of the gods. The rule apply perfect to the Incas because most of the Inca Gods and divinities are link to meteorological events. Like lighting, storms, rainbows, seasons, eclipses and animals like jaguars, hummingbird, condors, poison snakes and else.

The Inca religion had two theories of religion and divinities. The first theory is the fundamental religion and it has three levels. First the Hanan Pacha or universe, this level contains divinities like the sun, the moon, the stars, the lightning, the rain and the wind. The second level is the Kai Pacha or earth, this level contains divinities like the mountains, the rivers, the stones, the water, the animals and the plants.
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    • inca religion divinities
      The Inca interpretation of the world is surprisingly similar to all mayor religions.
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    • inca supreme priest
      The main duty of the supreme priest was to use the religion to keep control of the people.
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    • pachamama
      The Peruvian people still pays their respect to the Pachamama or mother earth.

The third level is the Uju Pacha or underground world that contains the death ancestors, goblins, mukis and Sacras or Inca demons. The second theory on the Inca religion has three types of divinities. First: The Pachayachachic, creator of heaven and earth, universal supreme God, the beginning and end. Second: The Inti, god creator of men and nature. Third: The Apu, spirits who live in the hills, in the environment around us, in the death mummies of Inca kings and in the Inca Pyramids.

The Inca religion headquarters was in Cusco with estimate 6000 priest spread all over the kingdom. The Huillac Uma or supreme priest, equivalent of the pope of our days, was a respected wise man. He was the brother of the Inca king or a close relative. He keeps constant celibacy, diet of roots, herbs and only drinks water. He was the responsible to spread the Incas religion around the kingdom.

The Inca religion had bishops call Vilcas; they travel around the kingdom to supervise the temples and the religion practice. Each Inca priest was specialize in particular divinities, like the Inticamaccuna, priest that exclusive worship the sun. The moon female priest was the Quillamamacuna, the Illapacamac for lightning and the huacamayoc for Inca pyramids. The second style of priests practice magic and predict the future. Like the Soyac using corn, the Hechecoc that use the coca leaves, just to mention a few.

The eternal, all mighty and invisible god of the Inca religion was Wiracocha. It is believe that his real name is Apu Kon Titi Wiraqocha. He could move from the Hanan Pacha or universe world to the Kai Pacha or earth world and he could enter the underground world or Uju Pacha at his will. The Inca Mythology says that, Wiracocha came to earth to visit the Incas, with the shape of an old man with white beard.
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    • church on top of huaca
      The Spaniards remove all they could from the Inca temples before they build their churches.
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    • mummies inca kings
      The families of the Mallquis or mummies of death Inca kings had political power and social status.
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    • inca deities
      Inside each Inca home you could find small altars with deities like these ones.

They use the Huacas or Inca pyramids as centers for religious celebrations; they had hundreds around the kingdom. The Incas knew the solar calendar of 365 days, so they build 365 Huacas around Cusco, one Huaca for each day of the Inca Calendar. The Huacas were the main religious centers and the symbol of the Inca religion. So when the Spaniards try to impose the catholic religion to the Inca people, the Huacas were the first target.

The Spaniards didn't want the Incas to carry on worshiping their gods any more. So in 1532 fray Cristobal de Albornoz got the order from Spain to search and destroy all Inca religion symbols of the Incas empire. In the first year they burn and destroy more than 600 Huacas, all temples were burn; they Spaniards destroy all records and knowledge. Even the mummies of old death Inca kings call Mallquis, were burn and destroy in public. Ones they destroy a Huaca a catholic church was build on top of the ruins. It's sad to know, the Incas were so rich in culture and in just few years after the Spaniards arrive; it was so empty.

The Inca religion was like any other religion. Think about it! In the name of the god Wiracocha, dozens of Peruvian tribes and beautiful pre Incas cultures were destroy and swallowed by the Incas empire. The catholic religion and the Incas religion have no difference in within. Both of them did terrible things during their time. We shall not blame any of them, we should learn from it and don't let it happened again.
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