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Inca Mythology

The Inca mythology is contradictory, because explain the Incas origins in several different ways. We must understand the History of The Incas is base in oral traditions. When the Spaniards arrive they wrote their own version of history with clear catholic tendencies. Plus when the Inca descendants learn how to write; they wrote their own version of history. So, in this page we will talk about the two main versions of the Incas origins.

The mythology specifies a common starting point for the two versions. The common starting point is after the end of the great flood. Investigators believe that this great flood is maybe the same flood describe in the bible. All this maybe explain, because 8000 years ago the volcano Etna has a violent eruption. It's believe the eruption create a mega-tsunami that flood Europe. It maybe possible that also affect South America.
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    • first version inca mythology
      Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo moment of birth from the waters of the Titicaca Lake.
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    • manco capac golden scepter
      The hill of Huanacaure is the place where the Incas culture begins to exist.
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    • mega tsunami
      A mega tsunami could be the only explanation of a flood so large that reach the highlands.

The Inca mythology explains the sun, the moon and the stars born in the Titicaca lake. The events maybe explain with this theory. 8000 years ago the volcano Etna exploded, expelling hundreds of tons of ash into the atmosphere, making a permanent night for months. The ash that floats in the atmosphere will disappear quicker, in the lands higher of 3000 meters over the sea level. The Titicaca lake is at 3850 meters over the sea level. If an Incas ancestor witness this event, will believe the sun, moon and stars born there.

The first version of the Inca mythology talks about Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo. As you know already, both versions start after the great flood. So the mythology says: The Inca God Wiracocha saw his land empty and destroy by the water. Then Wiracocha order the Titicaca lake to give birth to his sons Manco Capac y Mama Ocllo; to make it clear, they are brother and sister. Then Wiracocha give to Manco Capac a golden scepter.

The Inca mythology explains that Wiracocha talk to Manco Capac and orders him. Walk to the northwest and wherever the scepter gets easily into the ground, you should found the Inca Culture; then gather people and teach my religion and knowledge. It's not clear for how long they walk, but we know where they stop. Peruvian investigators affirm the place where the scepter got easily into the ground was the hill of Huanacaure, find in the outskirts of Cusco city.

The second version of the Inca mythology talks about the legend of the Ayar brothers. After the end of the great flood, deep in the Andes was a cave call Pacaritambo; the Ayar brothers came out from this cave. They were Ayar Uchu, Ayar Cachi, Ayar Manco and Ayar Auca. They were in company of their wifes and sisters Mama Ocllo, Mama Huaco, Mama Ipacura and Mama Raua. They have born without parents; they are a spontaneous generation.
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    • ayar brothers
      The Ayar brothers legend is teach to the Peruvian children.
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    • inca mythology
      It's the shape of an Inca face using the hills that surround the Machu Picchu ruins.
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    • second version inca mythology
      If we understand the tale right; the wife's of the Ayar brothers were their sisters.

The Inca mythology say: The Ayar brothers walk the mountains and valleys looking for a place where to found the Inca culture. Shortly a fight for power begun, the first victim was Ayar cachi; he was trap inside a cave forever. The second victim was Ayar Uchu; he was transform into an Inca pyramid call Huanacauri. The final victim was Ayar Auca; he was fool by Ayar Manco to visit the place chosen to found the Inca Empire and when he arrive; he become stone.

The last brother Ayar Manco, got the order from the Inca god Wiracocha to change his name into Manco Capac. It was the birth point of the first Inca king. The Inca mythology is not clear about the wife's of the death Ayar brothers; we interpreted the wife's follow the same destiny than her husbands. The Incas have few more legends to explain the Incas origins but they are not so well explain like this two.

The Inca mythology has hundreds of mysteries and a vague explanation of how the Incas appear. We need to understand; our idea of time and history is advance in comparison to the Incas. In those days a good story, with few details was enough to convince people. Now, remember history was pass to the next generation as verbal tells from father to son. Giving us the result that each time they explain history, part of it was missing or replace with new ideas.
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