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Inca God

The main Inca god of the Incas was the Apu Kon Ticse Wiracocha. Though there is several different ways to call him and to spell his name; it still is the same god. It maybe the reason of why few old Peruvian pre Inca cultures have a god with the same characteristics than him. Peruvian archaeologist and investigators have a theory; they affirm it is the same god for all Peruvian cultures as old as 5000 years ago.

His name mean Apu=Lord, Kon=Water, Ticse=beguining, Wira=Vital force and Cocha=Lagoon or spirit of the water. The Inca god is male, created by himself, immortal, creator of the universe. It is believe that he is everywhere around us, taking shapes of animals, plants, stones or even men. The Inca Mythology about his visit to the human world is interesting and has several explanations.
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    • inca god apu kon ticse wiracocha
      Painting of the Apu Kon Ticse Wiracocha, the image is more than 4000 years old.
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    • inca god
      Image of Wiracocha on a wall of the Tiahunaco pre Inca culture.
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    • wiracocha
      Inca version of the god Wiracocha.

The first explanation about the Inca god Apu Kon Ticse Wiracocha, came from the Quipucamayocs of the Inca empire. They were mathematicians especially train to use the Quipus. We still think the Quipus were only calculators, maybe it's true, but they were use to write history. Because when the Spaniards arrive and ask the History of The Incas, the Quipucamayocs search for special Quipus and for the Spaniards surprise they start to read them. They told the Spaniards about the origins of Apu Kon Ticse Wiracocha.

The Quipucamayocs version starts after the great flood. The Inca god Apu Kon Ticse Wiracocha, decide to repopulate the earth. Then he orders to his two disciples Imaynana and Toqapo to walk with him to the lagoon, in the Collao region. They were looking for the Titicaca island (known today as, island of the sun in the Titicaca lake). Then Wiracocha order to the island to let go the sun, the moon and the starts because this world need light. The Quipucamayocs affirm it was the birth moment of the sun, moon and starts.

The Inca god Apu Kon Ticse Wiracocha decides to build a temple to commemorate the beginning of the universe. Afterwards, Wiracocha decide to walk the land to the northwest of the country, his first stop was the region of Collasullu (Bolivia). While he stops he taught his knowledge and order to the people, multiply and repopulates earth. The land of Collasullu is the birthplace of the pre Inca culture of Tiahuanaco in 1400 BC.

Wiracocha order to his two disciples Imaynana and Toqapo to split up, walking in different directions but with the same destiny. Wiracocha order to his disciples; teach my knowledge and order the people, multiply and repopulate earth. So they split up and Wiracocha carry on walking, teaching and ordering to the people to repopulate earth in each place that he stops

The Inca god Apu Kon Ticse Wiracocha ends his pilgrimage of knowledge and culture in the equator line, next to the Pacific Ocean. It's a place call Manta (Ecuador). Wiracocha meet his disciples and prepare to leave, but before leaving Wiracocha make a final prophesy. Someone in the future will tell you that is me; do not believe him because I shall return to finish your education. So Wiracocha and his two disciples, leave to the ocean and walk into the water without sinking.
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    • inca quipucamayoc version
      This is the Quipucamayoc version of the path of Wiracocha; it makes a perfect line of many pre Inca cultures.
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    • coricancha gold
      Large golden plaque in the Qoricancha temple; it tell the story of the visit of Wiracocha.
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    • viracocha inca god
      We can find the Wiracocha face painted in pottery from a large variety of pre Inca cultures.

Peruvian investigators have other versions about Wiracocha and it will sound unbelievable. One interesting version suggests, the Inca god Apu Kon Ticse Wiracocha was a Viking. We have no real proof the Vikings visit North America or South America. But the theory gain veracity if you hear the Inca People description of the Apu Kon Ticse Wiracocha. He is tall, white skin, blue eyes, long white bear, hair with the color of the sun and came from the water; it does describe a Viking.

Another surrealistic version affirms; the Inca god Apu Kon Ticse Wiracocha is a survivor from the Atlantis. The theory say: Wiracocha appear after the great flood or the world, moment of destruction of the Atlantis. All images of Wiracocha show him with what people believe are two paddles, one in each hand. Then, the three survivors arrive to land, teach their technology and educated the people. It's crazy, we know! But it maybe could explain how the Incas develop such advance technology to build their cities.

No matter what you want to believe about the Inca god Apu Kon Ticse Wiracocha. It's strange that while he was walking the land, he builds cultures. Curiously the walking path is mathematical and geometrical perfect. It's impossible to have it done by accident. It was need a great understanding of mathematics and geometrics. Furthermore all pre Incas cultures are align with the walking path in perfect harmony. It looks like they were place there for a reason. Reason we will never know! Or maybe we will if the Inca prophesy of the return of Wiracocha occurs in 2032.
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