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Inca Food

The ingredients use to prepare the Inca food were ultra healthy, it's why the Incas have along life expectations. Archaeologist found bones of the Incas royal family with and estimated age of death of 100 years. The Incas eat a large variety of vegetables, roots and meat from different animals. Almost zero cholesterol and a life of daily healthy exercise on the fields growing their crops, was the formula for such long life expectations.

The Inca food vegetables are: The corn, the Incas use it to prepare bread, they boil it, it was use in soups and they use corn to prepare an alcoholic drink. The corn is originally from Mexico and we know that it arrive to Peru about 5000 ago. But it was the Inca agriculture techniques that make corn grow in altitudes up to 3600 meters over the sea level. The Zapallo (variety of pumpkin) was another vegetable. They boiled it, eat it in soups and stewed; it's original from Peru but we have no date of when it was tame.
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    • inca corn
      The Peruvian corn or Choclo it's the biggest corn of the world.
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    • sweet potatoes
      In Peru you can buy chips made of sweet potatoes in all regular supermarkets.
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    • inca potato hybrids
      Olluco and dry meat of llama call Charqui are mix in a popular Peruvian dish.

The world most popular Inca food vegetable is the potato. The Andes have 4049 know varieties of potato and Peruvians use 2301 of the eatable varieties. The Incas boil potatoes and they use it in soups and stewed. The potato was tame more than 8000 years ago. During the taming of the potato, several hybrids have born, like for example, the A'us (variety of tuber). It's bitter and you need to boil it to eat it. The Batata (sweet potato) is a hybrid as well, created from the potato about 5000 years ago.

The Inca food vegetables have many potato hybrids and they are: The Olluco (variety of tuber), great flavor and gummy consistency. They boil it, smashed, used in soups and stewed with dry llama meat. It was create from the potato about 5500 years ago, today you can find over 70 varieties of Ollucos in the Peruvian markets. The Oca (variety of tuber), is similar to the Olluco; it has an extraordinary resistance to plagues and temperature drop down or severe changes of climate. After the potato it's the second most popular crop in the Andes today.

The Inca food most popular spices are: The Axi or Aji (Peruvian hot pepper), it has a spice fruity flavor; they are yellow, red and green. Today, it's the most popular spice for the Peruvian People, from the richest to the poorest. The Inca people use the Cuchuchu root to improve their digestion; they wash it and eat it uncooked. The Incas use the coca plant mainly when they need to work hard for some reason. They chewed the coca leaf which makes it act as a mild stimulant, suppressing hunger, thirst, pain and fatigue.

The seeds of the Inca food diet are: The Quinua (It's a pseudocereal), tame over 6000 years ago, it was the cereal of the Incas. Today it has been use for the NASA to feed the astronauts, due its great amount of protein and vitamins. The peanuts were tame by the Incas over 5000 years ago. They make oil from it and they toasted and eat it with honey. The Purutu and the Tarhui (variety of beans) were boil or stewed with alpaca or llama meat.
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    • cereal of the incas
      The Quinua is use in Peru to made sweet energy bars for children.
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    • inca cuy
      The guinea pigs with baked potatoes still a delicious delicatessen in Peru.
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    • lucuma fruit
      The Lucuma ice cream it's the most popular ice cream flavor in Peru.

The fruits of the Inca food diet are: The Lucuma (subtropical fruit of the Andes), it was the most delicious Inca delicacy. Today, it's the most popular ice cream flavor in Peru. The Pepino (sweet pepino), it is sweet and contains 92 percent of water. The Guayabas (psidium guajava) original from Mexico, it arrives to Peru about 3500 years ago. The Sauintu (passion fruit) originally from the Andes, it was another Inca delicacy. The Incas eat bananas, pineapples and plums, as well.

The meat of the Inca food diet was: The Huanacos, Llamas and Alpacas (South American camelid). Inca Tribes hunt them over nine thousand years ago and they were tame about eight thousand years ago. The Cuy (guinea pig), it's original from the Andes and it was tame about 7000 years ago. The Incas describe a fish call Challua that has a big head and soft skin. They boil it or eat it in soups. Another fish describe by the Incas was a fish found in the Titicaca lake call Suchi. It was a big fish, difficult to capture; they usually fry it with its own fat.

We have described you few ingredients of the Inca food diet, some of them for sure you know them well. It's sad that many people do not know the great contributions of the Inca culture and the cultures before them to the today's world food supply. Think about it? Without the Incas we wouldn't have potatoes for French fries, peanuts for peanut butter or corn for cornflakes; for sure today's world will not be the same.
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