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Inca Empire

The real name of the Inca empire should be, the Tawantinsuyo empire, because Tawantinsuyo was the real name of the Incas country. The word Tawantinsuyo is a short and complex explanation of how the Incas kingdom was split. The word has three parts (Tawa-ntin-suyo), where (Tawa) means number four, (ntin) means things that are together, impossible to divide and (suyo) means region. Then the word Tawantinsuyo means, the unbreakable country of four regions.

The Tawantinsuyo or Inca Empire for us, was compose of four regions. The first region was the Chinchaysuyo. Located at the north east of Cusco, it goes up to the river Ancasmayo in Colombia. The second region was the Contisuyo. Located at the south west of Cusco, its territory covers nearly the entire Peruvian coastline. The third region was the Collasuyo. Located at the south east of Cusco; it cover the territory of Bolivia and part of Argentina.
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    • inca empire map
      The Incas only conquer cultures in the coast and highlands; they were afraid of the jungle.
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    • inca wars
      The Inca warriors forge the empire throughout war and suffering.
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    • inca king pachacutec
      Undoubtedly Pachacutec was the greatest Inca king of the Incas history.

The final fourth region was the Antisuyo, located at the north east of Cusco; its territory was the subtropical valleys, up to the beginning of the Amazon rain forest. The Inca Culture did not became the Inca empire that we know today suddenly. It was centuries of war and political manipulation to create an order, enough self-sustainable to be easy to export into new conquered tribes or cultures.

The Inca empire that we know today born in the hands of the Inca prince Yupanqui, son of the eight Inca king Wiracocha. The successful war campaign of the Inca prince Yupanqui against the Chancas tribe, make him a national hero. He inserted in the minds of the Inca People the idea of country and nation. When the eight Inca king Wiracocha died, the Inca prince Yupanqui change his name to Pachacutec Inca Yupanqui and became the ninth Inca king. It was when the great Inca expansion begun.

The ninth Inca king Pachacutec Inca Yupanqui (1438-1471). His son the tenth Inca king Tupac Yupanqui (1471-1493). His grandson the tenth first Inca king Huayna Capac (1493-1525). Were the responsible of creating the Inca Empire that we know today. Their expansion methods were brutal and merciless. They have the madness thirst of bringing light, civilization, order and the religion of the true god Wiracocha, creator or the world

The Inca king Pachacutec Inca Yupanqui believes so much, that his actions were the wish of the almighty god Wiracocha. That in one occasion, he send explores to the south border of the Inca empire, to find out the possible resistance of a small tribe call the Chiriguanaes. When the scouts came back, they say: The tribe has no culture, they are savages. So Pachacutec in a sublime expression of greatness say. Now that we know, that they are animals, we must conquer them and show them how to live like men; it's the wish of the almighty god Wiracocha.
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    • inca living warrior god
      The Inca king was consider a living warrior god.
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    • inca prince yupanqui
      The young prince Yupanqui was the spark that starts with the greatest Inca era.
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    • inca roads
      The Inca roads allow the Incas to grow into the empire we know.

During the years of Incas expansion, there were dozens of tribes and cultures conquered by the Inca Empire. Cultures like: Chimu in the north coast of Peru, Cuismanko in Cajamarca-Peru, Chachapoyas in Amazonas-Peru. Ychma in Lima-Peru, Yaros in Pasco-Peru, Chincha in the south coast of Peru, Chanca in Ayacucho-Peru. The Huancavilcas in Quito, Tumpis in Tumbes-Peru, Chancay in Lima-Peru, Huaylas in Ancash-Peru, Yachas in Huanuco-Peru, Yauyos in Huarochiri-Peru, Pocras in Huanta-Peru. The Diagutas in Argentina, Mapuches in Chile, Chiribayas in Moquegua-Peru, just to mention a few.

If we want to understand the actions of the Inca empire during its expansion, we can compared it with the catholic church, trying to bring god to all the world. The Incas like the Catholic Church was trying to bring god to all the savages and put order in the world. The Incas advantage against the Catholic Church was simple. The Inca king was the self-proclaim son of god and the supreme general of all armies; fact that make him a living warrior god.

Before the Spaniards arrive the Inca empire was still growing and expanding in South America; but it stop when the Spaniards arrive. Peruvian analysts have come out with an interesting question; what could happen if the Spaniards did not discover the new world? The analysts come out with an extraordinary scenario of a mayor continental war, within the Incas and Aztecs. The analysts believe the Incas would win the war and carry on with their expansion into North America.
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