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Inca Civilization

The Inca civilization is one of six original civilization of the history of humankind. The list starts with the Egyptian, who was the first Mesopotamian civilization. Next the Aegean, the Sinic, the Chinese empire, the Mayas in Central America and the Incas in South America. All of them share one common characteristic. They are all originals, they conquer other cultures but they did not born from other cultures mix.

Twenty thousand years ago, small tribes and human settlements start to live in the Peruvian territory. The Inca civilization has barely 1000 years of history, since the point of birth as a simple Inca Tribe on the heart of the Andes. Up to the magnificent Inca empire that we know today. The Incas expansion start with Pachacutec Inca Yupanqui, he was the ninth Inca ruler (1438-1472). He expands the Inca empire to the north, up to Ecuador and Colombia; and to the south until Chile, Bolivia and Argentina.
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    • incas expansion map
      The Incas expansion map from 1438 up to 1525.
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    • quipu writing system
      The Quipu was the greatest Inca invention, it aloud them to grow as an empire.
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    • uros people
      They cast away the Uros culture because they didn't accept the Incas society ways.

During the Inca civilization expansion, the Incas use the voluntary assimilation and bloody battles against cultures that resist being conquest. There are two versions: one in which describe the Inca Rulers as generous great man and another, as fierce cruel warriors; skilled in the diplomatic blackmail. The behavior of the Inca ruler depends of the attitude of the new culture that they were planning to conquer.

The only culture the Inca civilization couldn't absorb was Uros culture. They are original from the Titicaca lake area. The Uros did not follow the Inca ways of work, simply because they were lazy. The Incas want to kill them but because the Incas were warriors and not murderers, they decide to cast them away from the Incas lands. That is the reason of why the entire Uros community end living on artificial islands, in the Titicaca lake.

Few people know the Inca civilization had writing, it identify one number to a sound or word. Using the Quipu they could write with numbers poetry, tales and history. The Incas had a clear understanding of the solar system; they knew the earth move around the sun before Galileo. The Incas average death age was 100 years old. The Amautas, that were the knowledge holders of the kingdom, live and teach in the Inca school in Cusco up to 120 years old.

The beauty and knowledge of the Inca civilization was destroy by greed. While the Spaniards search and loot the Inca temples, they burn everything they found, like the Quipus; which was equal to burn books from a library. All Inca traditions, culture and pride was rip off from the Inca People. The last Inca survivors, save all Inca gold artifacts they could and took them deep into the jungle, hiding it from the Spaniards

The entire world believes that Machu Picchu ruins, jewel of the Inca civilization was discover by Hiram Bingham in 1911. What about, if we tell you, the Peruvian government has maps, records and documents that show the existence of Machu Picchu since 1868. By the way the real name of the Machu Picchu ruins is Huacas del Inca. In 1871 the first foreigner visits the ruins, he was Augusto R. Berns and he was a German married to a woman of the Angulo family in Cusco. The Angulo family knew the existence and location of the ruins and took him for an excursion.
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    • hiram bingham
      Hiram Bingham discoverer of Machu Picchu; today we know that it's not true.
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    • huacas del inca
      This image shows you the legal company certificate of a company build to loot Machu Picchu.
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    • choquequirao ruins
      The recently discover Choquequirao ruins were the last Inca stronghold.

When Berns saw the ruins, he wants to take all the treasures out of Peru, but the Angulo family did not help him any more. The German explorer found investors and creates a company call (Huacas del Inca exports). His purpose was to loot the temples and take everything he could. He even signs a contract with the Peruvian government, paying them 10 percent of anything that he will find. But until today there is no proof that he found the Huacas del Inca by himself.

The Machu Picchu ruins, jewel of the Inca civilization was visit by: G'hring Hermann in 1873 and Antonio Raimondi in 1878. In 1880 Wiener Charles visits the ruins and steals 10 tons of an incredible collection of Inca antiques that helped him found the Museum of Ethnography in Paris. The list continues with Agust'n Liz'rraga in 1902, Markham Clements from The Royal Geographical Society of England in 1910. It's probable that many more has visit the ruins before Hiram Bingham, the difference is, he told the world; now you know the true.

The Inca civilization treasures were the reason of its destruction. Many people has fight, more than 8 million people has die. Almost extinct ones, the Incas Society essence has been mix with foreigner blood from all continents; but it still there. The Incas culture still alive. You may see it reflect in the eyes of their descendants, because they hold the knowledge and wisdom of this wonderful civilization.
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