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How I build My Website.

Hi, I am Alex Tagle owner of Peru Travel Confidential website. Before I explain you how I build my website, I have to explain you what I have done to build the website. Then here I go.
  • I have thought, plan, design and write all the text of the entire website.
  • I create or customize all the HTML, CSS and Java code of the website.
  • I edit all images of the website.
  • I design the Peru Travel Confidential logo.
  • I create the company identity background images.
  • I pick the colors and place all items in the website.
  • Essentially, to make it simple, I have made it all.

After so much work I should take vacations, right! No way, because building the webpage was just the beginning. Ones the website was finish a whole new set of daily, weekly or monthly duties came to my hands. For example:
  • I am running an incoming tour operator with offices in Peru and Spain.
  • I supervise the finances and work flow of the company.
  • I am the webmaster of Peru Travel Confidential website.
  • I am constantly searching for new subjects to talk about in the webpage.
  • I have a four hours daily shift in our online support service.
  • I help people in few forums.
  • So to make it short, I am 100% responsible of everything.

By now I hope you can imagine how much time I have to invest to build my website. Plus my daily amount of work. It sounds like I am complaining but I am not, the true is I love it. Am I crazy because I love what I do? I guess if you love what you do, you are not crazy, you are lucky. I am enjoying every single minute that spend in my computer, because I cannot imagine any other place where to be, maybe I am crazy after all.

Now you know what I done, what I do, and how I feel about it. It is time to explain you how I did it. To make it simple I will explain it to you as the journalist do, answering to the six most important questions. Who, what, when, where, why and how.


Who am I? I am a 34 years old Peruvian, husband of a gorgeous Latvian woman and father of a seven years old handsome kid. I am a normal average person that used to dream that someday will be independent of the regular 9 to 5 office hours.
  • 1
    • Dana and Alex
      Celebrating New Year 2005 in Tenerife Island, Spain.
  • 2
    • peru trip
      Machu Picchu ruins, November of 2007; It was the birthplace of Peru Travel Confidential.
  • 3
    • best year ever
      My years in cruise ships were the best years of my life.

Back in the day I was just a regular guy looking forward to have a good time and never thinking about what will happen tomorrow. Back then I have no plan, but I knew what I want, it was simple, travel around the world, and I did it. During 7 years of my life, from 19 to 26 'age I married my wife' I worked in cruise ships around the world.

During my years in cruise ships, I meet thousands of thousands of people, and each time that I meet someone I learn something from them. So I can say loud, with no mistake, that I am who I am today because them.

Those years in cruise ships were the best years of my life. I learn the value of friendship, the biggest true 'only hard work can take you somewhere' and I learn how to love, because I met my wife. To resume, I am just a guy that at some point of his life decide to take control and do something to make his dream come true.


What I want? Right now I only want to tell you my story, so maybe it could inspire you to do the same. But my real purpose is to reach the subconscious little voice inside your head, and whisper to your mind that 'all you can see is possible'.

I want to scream to the little voice inside your head 'if you want something, better do-it-yourself, because no one will do it for you'. If I did not reach your subconscious, you will not remember me. But if I did reach it, you may answer me 'you are right, I have to do something'. Now, for some of us, me for example, the listening goes in slow motion, and takes years to understand what we want.

what we want

The first time I hear the question I was 13 years old. I was about to fail that year of high school and my upset mother was telling me how bad student I was. Telling me how could be possible that I am so irresponsible, and then she asked me the question. What do you want? Back then I have no idea, I remember that I move my shoulders and just carry on with my day, like nothing happen.

Couple years ago, I was taking to my son; I remember I was upset about something and I ask him, what do you want? Suddenly something click in my head, and I told myself, what about me, what I want? At that moment I have the clear image of my mother asking me the same question when I was 13 years old. It feel like, what she was trying to tell me, finally got through. That was the moment when I knew what I want. I want to be free.


When I decide, it was the right moment to change? It is difficult to point the exact moment when I took the decision. The thought, I have to change, was cooking on my head in slow motion, especially few years ago, when I have to endure many difficulties. My idea of change was encourage by self-motivation websites and websites where they explain me that, make a website yourself is possible.

My head was full of small ideas from articles that I have read before. I knew, I was ready to setup a business, but I was afraid. Unconsciously I was searching the Internet looking for something that can help me solve my problem. Until one day my wife told me: We have to go to Peru, because your mother has never seen our son, we must go. Impossible to guess that travel to Peru, and visit my family was the answer I was looking for.
I remember that few years ago I was feeling successful but empty. Then I asked myself: Can it be possible to be happy and be successful at the same time? Back then I didn't know the answer was inside me.

At the time I decide to change, I had a good job as front desk manager. My wife was working for an incoming tour operator. We were good, nothing to complain, but sometimes the little voice in my head was telling me: It is the best you can do? Sometimes I thought: Maybe I am surrendering my true potential, why not do something about it. I never pay too much attention to those words, until the day that I went with my family to Peru. After experience Peru with my family, my mind was clear, I knew what I have to do and I knew it was time to change.

I would like to say that my trip to Peru has changed my life. The wake up call of my life; I have no words to explain you how much it change me. It was a supreme experience that provides me the final piece I was looking for. It feel like the lights went on, and I could see the big picture of my future.


Where am I? To put it simple, I am exactly where I want to be. I can tell you how much I enjoy my job. I can tell you much money I make or I can tell you how happy I am. But none of these reasons are good enough if I compare them with the feeling in your soul of knowing, that you are doing exactly what you want to do.
  • 1
    • Tagle family
      February 2010. We live at 300 meters from a beach where we love to go for a walk.
  • 2
    • my desk
      My office at home, where all begun and from where I still to work everyday at my own schedule.
  • 3
    • aikido yoshinkan
      Twice a week I have Aikido class with Roger sensei; someday, even if it take me my entire life, I will be black bell.

Where I find, all the knowledge I need to change and feel free? I found it all searching the Internet and surprisingly nearly everything was free. From where I got the strength necessary, to don't quit my search for answers? I had two sources, first my family, because I want to give them a better future. And second, my curiosity, because each time I find something new, I want to know more. So my knowledge and my strength allowed me to do what I want, when I want; they make me free.

Where I make all this happen? It happened at home. I make a decent income from my tours to Peru and the advertisement in the website. I could open a professional looking office by now, but I believe it is not about how you look like. I think it's about what you are. Because if you offer good and truthful products, they will succeed, no matter where, no matter what, but if they are only good-looking, eventually they will fail.

When I started my business I set up office in my home, because I have no capital for an office. Suddenly I discover how comfortable is to work from home, your own schedule, work as much or as less as you want, plus no driving to work. Today I still work from home, and I will not change it for the world. But like any company you need to have a professional profile, so I hire my sister to run my office in Peru. She has to wear suit, go to the office and keep the professional attitude, better her than me, don't you think?


Why I am managing the entire website on my own? Because I love it. I cannot think of anything more fun than answer questions in our online support, or answer emails with tours request. I cannot imagine anything more fun that search the Internet for new interesting topics to talk about in my blog. And the incredible satisfaction that I feel when I help someone in the forums in which I regularly take part.

It is a great feeling to know that your knowledge and experience are useful for someone. I know, I will not make any money from helping but I still want to help, because I believe, it is not about the money. I think it is about reputation and trust. Because if I help someone, I mean truthfully help someone, that person will remember me, and on time maybe trust me. Eventually that person will revisit my website or maybe talk to some friends about me; it is word from mouth-to-mouth in action.

small world

Why I build the website? Because if you want to have a successful business, you need to have an online presence, other ways you are invisible. Using the Internet from your home, you can talk, chat, administrated, supervise, create, share or control any business, found in any place of the world. With one computer and the right knowledge you can do anything you want.

Why did I bother in making the website with my own hands? It was because at first, it looks hard to do, complex language code that looks like the letters in the movie (the matrix). Follow by new ideas and definitions that I did not ear before; I did not have any clue from where to begin. To resume, I found it an irresistible challenge; plus hire a web designer is expensive, so do it on my own was the logical and economical solution.


How I build my website? Because I had use and I am using the only all in one, building, hosting and marketing, step-by-step software calls SBI. If you are curious and want to know how it works, you can watch the full SBI video tour. The video offer you a clear explanation of what is SBI, it will clear all your questions.

The first time I read about SBI, I was searching the Internet looking for software to build a website on my own. Then, ones I find them, I discover that they have a webpage that contain answers to all my questions. I think, the SBI action guide, it is the most complete collection of videos, information and articles of how to build a website of the entire Internet.

The SBI website has many stories of webmasters just like me. If you want to know about them, you need to visit the SBI owner's videos. The videos that you will see in this list are home videos, and some of them are funny but all of them are real histories just like mine.

Now, the SBI webpage has three pages that you should visit; there you will find real, proven hard facts, about SBI. The first page that you should visit is build a site that work; the next page that you should visit is a collection of SBI case studies. And the last page, it is the top ten SBI case studies. If you read them, it will be a good time invests, because it can show you the big picture of your future.
I love SBI

If you would like to see a simple review of what is SBI, then the 2 minutes video presentation of SBI is right for you. Now let's say that you would like to build a website, but you have no idea about what. Then the webpage find your small business idea will answer all your questions; there you will find business ideas that could help you find your own original idea.

Now, if you have no computer skills, or maybe you are afraid of do something wrong. Then you need to go to the SBI eLearning page. There they will teach you, slowly and step-by-step all you need to know to build your own website.

What about if you work all-day, and you want to build a website but you have no time to invest. Or maybe when you came home at night, what you want to do is to rest, shut down your brain and do nothing. In that case you need to visit the SBI Core Packages page; there you will find three choices to let the SBI professional webmasters build a web page for you.

As you can see; the SBI software offers solutions for everyone. Even for me, because I am probably the pickiest, asking too many questions and plain pain in the neck guy that you can find. Thanks good they keep up with me, and I am thankful for that.

I remember that while I was reading the SBI articles and watching their training videos. I was feeling like all this time, right in front of my eyes, it exist an entire underworld. Who live and feed from each time I click a link in any website. The SBI videos explain me the true about the Internet; it felt like someone is opening your eyes for first time.

I guarantee you that, ones you let SBI explain you the true about the Internet, it will a point of before and after in your life. I am sure that ones you understand what it is all about, you would like to build your own website. Also I am sure that you will not know from where to start to build your website. Good that I have a solution for you just let the SBI step-by-step formula guide you.

Now you know

Now you know how I did it! I recognize it was easier of what I originally expect. What's the catch? It's not difficult, but it takes time, remember, you will be on your own; so fail, learn from your mistake and try again is the catch. Different people, different learning curves, but the good news is that at some point it will end. Suddenly you will find yourself understanding ideas that for other people sound like Greek. Even you will feel brave enough to modify HTML code, CSS code or even JavaScript code, now it sounds impossible but it's true.

Thank for visiting my webpage, I hope you find it useful. You already know that I enjoy helping people and sharing my knowledge with anyone who need it. So if you ever decide to create your own website, I must tell you that because my own experience, you will have difficult moments. So I offer you my help, if you ever need it, please contact me, I will be happy to help you.

Thank you for reading.

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