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History of The Incas

The history of the Incas is complex, far more complex of what people believe. Even today, with the infinite access to information that Internet can offer you, still only few knows how complex the Inca empire was. Here we talk about the most important characteristics of the Inca culture.

The Inca Civilization has barely 1000 years of history. It was a roller coaster, from their birth as a simple Inca tribe in the heart of the Andes to the magnificent Inca Empire that we know today.

The Inca Religion was determinant in the history of the Incas; it simply was the best method to control people. They have over 6000 priest spread around the kingdom, where the Huillac Uma or supreme priest was the equivalent of the pope.
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    • inca origin
      We call Inca tribe to the first tribes that show a similar behavior to the known Inca Empire.
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    • chakana
      The shape of the Chakana has been around us for more than 4000 years.
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    • inca civilization map
      The Inca civilization grows to become ones of biggest of the world.

We can define the Inca Culture in one sentence; it was a free of hunger society. It was because the Incas agriculture methods guarantee a stable food supply. Plus the Incas brought peace and protection for the Hatunruna or standard citizen.

The Inca People were force to live immerse in a cultural mix of socialism, imperialism and generalize brainwash. The Incas are difficult to catalog, because they only reach copper as stronger metal. Then, it is right to qualify them as a copper age civilization.

The Inca Mythology is contradictory. Because the Incas explain their origins in several different ways; it's maybe because the history of the Incas is base in oral traditions.

The real name of the Inca Empire should be, the Tawantinsuyo empire. It's because Tawantinsuyo is the real name of the Incas nation. The word Tawantinsuyo is a short and complex explanation of how the Incas kingdom was divide.

The Incas culture born in the 1100 AD but few people know, the first Inca Tribe born in 1000 BC. They flourish in the Huatanay valley near Cusco. Confirming the history of the Incas is longer of what people believe.

There are 12 confirm Inca Rulers. But Peruvian investigators believe they were 91 Inca rulers. Others believe they were 1050. It's possible if you count them from the beginning of the Inca culture.
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    • inca-traditions
      Peru has many Inca traditions still alive among the Peruvian people.
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    • inca god wiracocha
      The gold symbolizes the male spirit of the sun god.
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    • inca hatunruna
      The shamans still use Inca medicine in the Peruvian highlands.

The main Inca God of the Incas was the Apu Kon Ticse Wiracocha. Though there is several different ways to call him and to spell his name; it still is the same god. It maybe the reason of why few old Peruvian pre Inca cultures have a god with the same characteristics than him.

The Inca Government records the history of the Incas in their Quipus. To understand this, you will need to clear your mind of assuming writing equal civilization. Because the Incas create complex ways to account goods and record events, with a tool that was create to be a calculator.

The Inca Symbols play an important role in the History of the Incas; until today, it stills their biggest mystery. The Inca culture had hundreds of symbols; most of them were create for war, religion and astrology. There's one that deserve our special attention and it is the Chakana Inca or Inca cross.
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