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Facts About Peru

The most interesting facts about Peru came from the Peruvian History. Peru was the place where several advance cultures develop. Like the Inca culture and many other civilization before them. Many pre Inca cultures develop a great understanding of medicine, architecture, metallurgy, just to mention a few. It's surprising but even with our advance technology; we cannot repeat few of their achievements.

Peru has pre Inca cultures with more than 5000 years of history. We think that regular people don't know enough facts about Peru as they should; they believe the Incas were the only civilization that exists in Peru. The pre Inca cultures were complex civilizations; they develop their own religion, society and kings. A good example is the Lord of Sipan; he was a powerful king buried inside a pyramid 805 kilometers northeast from Lima.

Here we offer you the most interesting facts about Peru that you should know. First: How 150 Spaniards take over an empire with an army of 3 million Indians? It will surprise you because it's easy to explain but difficult to understand. Here we explain: At the beginning of time, the god of the Incas came to earth. He appears with the shape of a white man with a white beard and teaches them everything they know.
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    • pre incas
      Nearly all Inca technology was copy from older civilizations.
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    • francisco pizarro
      Francisco Pizarro never have the chance to enjoy his achievements, he was kill by his own people.
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    • incas warriors
      Noble and fearless, they were the special elite force of Inca warriors call the Orejones.

Then, the Inca god walks to the ocean leaving the Incas with a prophecy of his return. The Incas nearly surrender their kingdom because they thought that Francisco Pizarro (leader of the Spaniards) was their Inca god. To resume: The Incas loss their empire because a misunderstanding. It's simply the most unbelievable of all facts about Peru that we could tell you about.

The Incas Society was a wonderful example of balance and at the same time, they where the worst example of war and human sacrifice. The archaeologists have two versions; first, the picture of the kind Inca people and second, the merciless assassins. Better you decide by yourself what you want to believe. It's one the darkest facts about Peru that you can read about.

The Incas build the most complex network of roads ever build before. The Incas Architecture could create such wonders that even today we cannot repeat. The wisdom of their three laws creates an innocent society. But; if you broken an Inca law; they were cruel and merciless. No wonder why the Incas didn't have any prisons for their criminals.

The Peruvian Food is undoubtedly among the most delicious facts about Peru that we can tell you about. It's an interesting mix of Inca food and many world cuisines. Add to the mix the quality and originality of their local ingredients; give birth to a surprisingly tasty food. During the last few years, international famous chefs have recognized the Peruvian Food as the most interesting and undiscovered cuisines flavors of the world.

Recently, few Peruvian chefs have begun with a nationwide cooking revolution. They have broken all the standard rules of the Peruvian food. They have discovered new ingredients and flavors hidden in the highlands. No one could imagine the Peruvian high standard cuisine could grow so fast in just few years. Today, visit Peru to try the Peruvian cuisine, has became a delicious and popular excuse.

The Peruvian People are the most priceless asset of Peru. These people have resist and survive a long history of war, suffering and the intent by the Spaniards to exterminate them. No matter what happen, the Peruvians always have a smile, say hello, how you doing? They are warm, welcoming, nice and polite. If we must choose the most important of all facts about Peru, without a doubt we choose the Peruvian People.
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    • peruvian dances
      He dances with his horse showing his skills and she charm him with her beauty; its call Marinera.
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    • peruvian people
      They are still Peruvian people following the old Inca traditions.
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    • pisco
      Pisco, it is a Peruvian brandy from grape.

The facts about Peru Mysteries are an interesting subject to talk about. Inside the Peruvian territory, in different periods of time and in nearly all pre Inca cultures; you can find images and artifacts that refer foreigner visitors. Like the moment when the Incas god came to earth with the shape of a white man with a white beard.

You may don't know, but some areas of the Andes have the highest rates of UFO sightings of the world. In Peru it's commonly believe that aliens visit the old pre Inca civilizations. Many people believe that aliens are still visiting certain areas with high concentration of energy. The Incas learn and master how to find these energy areas. It's the only explanation of how they could build their cities and temples with perfect stars alignments.

The brandy of grape call Pisco is an item that identifies the Peruvian nationalism at its best, so it deserves and important place among the facts about Peru. Peru have export Pisco to Europe for more than 400 years. Europe recognizes the Pisco as an exquisite drink for its taste and flavor. Today, this wonderful brandy of grape has become the point of reference of the Peruvian identity.
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