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Contact us

Our webpage has several ways for you to contact us. The quickest way is to click in our online assistance icon on the right column of our webpage. Ones you access the chat room you will talk to one of our Peru Travel Confidential representatives. You can ask anything you want.

The second choice, it is to send a message with our online application form. The question that you will submit will arrive to our main email account and forward to one of our Peru Travel Confidential representatives. They will answer your question or send you the prices or the information about the Tour package that you are asking about.

Peru Office
Monte Cipres 365
Santiago de Surco
Lima, Peru
Tel: 0051 1 708 5475
Fax: 0051 1 705 7131
[email protected]
The third choice start by selecting which office you would like to get in touch. For example: if you contact us to ask any questions about the Peruvian history or any related subjects that will be only know by Peruvians. You should contact the Peru office. Another case could be, if you need the name of your tour guide, emergency 24 hours phone numbers, the whether forecast of a city in Peru. For any of these cases the Peru Office is the right choice.

Spain Office
Las Antillas 19, 2da 1ra
17310 Lloret de Mar
Girona, Spain
Tel: 0034 931 816 347
Fax: 0034 972 980 117
[email protected]
The fourth choice is to get in touch with our Spain Office, it is our head office and they also can answer any questions about Peru. If you need general information about tours, excursions and packages the Spain Office is your right choice. If you are a travel agency and you would like to work with Peru Travel Confidential as your Destination Management Company in Peru, then you should contact our Spain Office.

The final choice is to send email straight to the manager of the company in Spain. Peru Travel Confidential SAC is a family business run by the Peruvian Tagle family and it is own by Dana Tagle and Alex Tagle. They are a married couple who work in tourism during nearly their entire lives.

Dana Tagle is the director of Peru Travel Confidential, and she is responsible of groups and individuals tour management from around the world. The email address to contact Dana Tagle is: [email protected]

Alex Tagle is the CEO of the company; he is responsible of the operations worldwide. The email address to contact Alex Tagle is: [email protected]

Now you know all the possible ways to contact us, so please do not hesitate in asking any questions. You can ask prices for any custom-made tour to Peru that you could came out with, we guarantee you that we will do our best to satisfy all your expectations.
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