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Few Reasons Why You Should Visit Peru
with Peru Travel Confidential

Visit Peru with Peru Travel Confidential is a must to do, at least one time in life. Firsts because is a beautiful country. Second, Peru has hundreds of beaches, mountains and rivers in the jungle, that have never been visit before. And the last and final reason, Peru is the birthplace of The Incas Culture. Great civilization that as you already knows is the most interesting, undiscovered and enigmatic culture of the world.

You could think! I have to make this trip to witness the Peruvian markets where you can find from 40 up to 60 different varieties of potato. Such variety is nothing, in comparison with the 3000 different varieties of potatoes, created by the Inca Agriculture using advance agriculture techniques.

You could plan to visit Peru with Peru Travel Confidential to try the delicious Peruvian Food. I guarantee you that is the best and tastiest reason of all, because Peruvian food is the most delicious and unknown food taste of the world.
  • 1
    • guinea pig
      The guinea pig has been a culinary delicatessen for centuries.
  • 2
    • peruvian potatos
      It's a small view of the large variety of potatoes that you can find in Peru.
  • 3
    • fruits and purple corn
      Some of the fruits that you can find in Peru look so strange, but they taste so delicious.

Another good reason to travel to Peru is to enjoy a great rafting adventure in the deepest canyon of the world. The canyon that I am talking about is in Arequipa - Peru, if you don't believe me check it out in Wikipedia, you will see!

Have you ever seen purple corn? Have you ever seen a Guinea pig on a plate with French fries? Have you ever seen people drinking coca Inca Tea to chat with the friends? Have you seen fruit that looks like it has been create by a crazy scientist?

Scientists from all over the world work in Peru, and every year they discover new species of orchids, birds, insects and plants. The most important feature that Peru can offer you is that in within its land still are plenty mysteries waiting for you to discover them.

Have you ever seen a pink dolphin? Unbelievable, right! But it's true. The river pink dolphin favorite habitats are the small rivers that go into the mainstream of the Amazon river. Surprisingly the pink dolphins are curious of people. So if you want to see them, you will have to make noise in the water to call their attention, they may get close enough to take them a photo.

Imagine a lake 80 km wide for 110 km long, sounds normal, right! Now imagine this massive amount of water at 3850 meters over the sea level; it is not normal anymore, right! The Titicaca lake is a good example of how astonishing is Peru. So far I have been telling you many interesting features that Peru can offer you. So I would like to ask you, have you learned enough information about Peru to convince you to visit Peru with Peru Travel Confidential? If yes, great! If not, let me try again.

The Uros culture was conquer by the Incas; time after they were castaway from the Inca Empire. They were obligate to live in artificial islands in the Titicaca lake, because they were too lazy to endure the Incas way of living. Nowadays their descendants still live on the lake, you could visit them, and the experience is unbelievable, because it feel like they have frozen in time.

Imagine that you are taking the sun in a beautiful beach, cold refreshment in your hand; on the sea you can see sea lions and seabirds. Now, you look to your right, and there is a bunch of penguins looking at you! And you say what? Yes it can happen, if you visit the Peruvian beach of Paracas. Do you believe me now, when I say that visit Peru with Peru Travel Confidential is a must to do at least one time in life?
  • 1
    • scissors dancers
      The scissors dancers perform their art in all mayor celebrations from April to December.
  • 2
    • uros people
      As unbelievable as it sounds, the Uros still live in the Titicaca Lake unchanged for centuries.
  • 3
    • machu picchu
      Machu Pichu is the jewel lost city of the Inca empire, its construction still a plain mystery.

Holes in the desert ground, like channels of 30 cm deep and 50 cm wide, they are drawing huge images of animals, birds and insects. But you cannot see them so easily; you need to fly on small airplanes to see them, so how they could build them over a thousand years ago?

Have you ever hear about the Peruvian hairless dog? Have you ever hear about the Peruvian step horse? Have you ever hear about fishing piranhas in the Amazon river? Have you ever hear about the Peruvian scissors dancers? They dance with a 30 cm blade scissors in one hand, while making acrobatic moves, at the rhythm of the music.

I am warning you, one simple visit to Peru with Peru Travel Confidential, will make you fall in love of this country. Peru has coast, highlands and jungle, fact that create a unique biodiversity; it is like three different countries inside one. I am sure that you will fall in love of Peru because anywhere you go, you can find millenniums of history and unknown Peruvian People local celebrations. At the end of your trip you will feel, like you have discovered a new parallel universe.

Peru Travel Confidential offer you the opportunity to experience the astonishing wow, and overwhelming feeling that you have in your soul when you see one landscape in Peru. Experience Peru is a unique roller coaster of emotions, so intense that you will remember it for the rest of your life.

And for the finale, "Machu Picchu", think about it as the cherry of a large ice cream of culture, adventure and nature that will change your life forever. After you visit Peru, you will not talk about other more than those days, when you were having great vacations in Peru, with Peru Travel Confidential.
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