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Inca Daily Life

The Inca daily life was hard and difficult; but we can’t deny that it was a relief to belong to the Inca Empire. It’s because the Inca government take and redistribute everything in the community, from Inca Food to all materials need to have a long and healthy life. It is important to remind you that broken an Inca law will cost your life; then better you decide whether it was good culture or not.

The Inca Music melodies had only 5 tones (do, re, fa, sol, la) and it was enough to create four types of music. Today, Peru has few musical groups in the highlands that use these 5 tones, just like the Incas.

The Incas use wood, ceramic, textiles, stone and copper, to make all kinds of Inca Artifacts. For example the Inca daily life artifacts like plates, glasses or spoons prime material was wood.

The greatest achievement of the Inca Agriculture was to guarantee a sustainable and permanent food supply to all parts of the kingdom. They did it because they successfully master three advance agriculture methods.

The Inca daily life was a constant Inca Farming work; it’s because the Incas develop an extraordinary variety of procedures to preserve food. The procedures were drying, salting or dehydrating precooked food; some of the procedures are complicate.

All production of Inca Clothing was responsibility of the Inca government. The Incas create houses call Acllahuasi, where the Tanticamayoc was the responsible of dyeing the wool with natural dyes.

All Inca Homes had a small altar with their favorite divinities images and other important family treasures. The Incas had a strong tradition of family ties, so honor their ancestors was part of the daily life.

The boys end their childhood Inca Education at 14 years old. The girls end it when they had their first menstruation. In both cases, the community celebrates the moment with family ceremonies.

The Inca Women were the engine that moves the Incas development. The history is not giving the right place to the multiple achievements of women during the Inca empire.

The Inca daily life duties were attach to what the Inca Calendar say. By the way the Incas did not invent the technology use in the Inca calendar. It was copy from older civilizations. There is archaeological evidence; that proves the towers of Chankillo ruins at 400 kilometers north from Lima, is a 2300 years old sun observatory and calendar.

The most important item in the Inca daily life was the coca leaves. The dry coca leaves were use for tea infusion (Inca Tea); it’s the best known digestive, great fat burner and antidepressant.