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Inca Artifacts

Let’s be clear, we can qualify as Inca artifacts anything made by the Inca artisans. There’s a large variety of artifacts that we can talk about; then to make it simple, we will explain about the few ones we consider are most important. They use mainly wood, stone and metals like copper for weapons or gold for Inca Jewelry.

The archaeologist has not found any special artifact use as tool for construction. If you see the Inca architecture you will think they have use special tools to build them. But the only tools found are plumb-bobs, bubble levels, hammers, chisels, levers and other simple tools. But nothing that could explain how they cut, polish, move and place with such perfection those huge stones. It’s unbelievable how they could build such beautiful temples with such simple tools.

The Inca artifacts for hunting and fishing were simple. The Incas use boleadoras to hunt big animals and bows and arrows for smaller animals and birds. Some Inca Tribes in the jungle use blowguns to hunt monkeys and birds. They use fishing nets in rivers and in the ocean. For bigger fishes they use harpoons made of bones or sharp stones. The hunting and fishing was secondary in their economy, because the Incas dedicated primary to the agriculture and raising domestic animals.

Some Inca artifacts are still in use today, a good example will be the Inca vertical loom; it was use to make textiles. The Incas got their natural dyeing colors for the textiles from plants, insects and flowers. Most Peruvian artisans are still using the same colors today. The Peruvian artisans use the Inca vertical loom to make Inca textiles only under request. It’s because they need few days to do the job, plus they need a lot of material to make a textile; it’s the reason of why they are so expensive.

The Incas use wood, ceramic, textiles, stone and copper to make all Inca artifacts for daily use. For example, they use wood to make spoons and glasses call Keros. They use ceramic to make standard plates and pots. They use heavy textiles to make Bags, hats and shoes. They use copper to make needles, construction tools, knives and earrings. The Incas have two standard construction materials; for temples they use blocks of polished carve stone and for standard homes they use mud bricks.

The Inca artifacts that everybody knows are the golden artifacts; the Inca Art technology use to make them was remarkable. The Incas make nearly everything with gold or with gold plates attach to the object. Like for example: shoes, helmets, glasses, plates, idols, earrings, nose rings, walls with thick plates of gold attach to it. Even they were capable to produce sewing threads of gold to make clothing for the Inca king. It’s a fact; the Incas master the metallurgy beyond our imagination.